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TJ Maloney, a Man of Leadership and Integrity

TJ Maloney is the CEO and Chairman of Lincolnshire Management, Inc., a middle-market private equity investment company with offices in New York City and Chicago. Lincolnshire has a 33-year track record of making impeccable investments. The firm is known for its hands-on operational focus that has created value over the years.

TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire in 1993, after serving as intern CEO of Credentials. Maloney was a perfect fit with his previous experience as a merger, acquisition and securities lawyer in New York City.

Lincolnshire typically invests in acquisitions of private companies and recapitalizations. They do also invest in management buyouts and in companies that need money to grow their companies.

T J Maloney and his team of professionals look for companies that have strong management teams already in place. They also look for companies that have competitive advantages, have diversified customers and growth opportunities.

Lincolnshire is currently worth more than $1.7 billion dollars. They have made more than 85 acquisitions in the last 30 years.

Lincolnshire has a strong team of professionals that are passionate about finding new investment opportunities. TJ Maloney himself in on the Investment Committee and actively participates with the companies that are in their portfolio.

Maloney and his entire team work with management teams to find solutions to operational problems or other challenges they might be facing.

TJ Maloney has lectured extensively and has been asked to guest lecture at many universities. Maloney got his BA at Boston College. Then moved on to Fordham Law School to obtain his law degree, of which he received in 1979.

Maloney has served on the Board of Trustees for Boston College and Fordham University. He previously served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the United States. He was also on the Board of trustees of The Tilton School.

In 2007, TJ Maloney was honored to receive the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award for his high-moral standards as a leader in the corporate world.

It is no wonder that Lincolnshire has had so many successes with a leader like TJ Maloney at the helm as their leader.

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Betsy DeVos Fights for America’s Students

Have you seen the latest with Betsy DeVos on Capitol Hill? It’s been a difficult campaign for educational choice ever since she got into office, but DeVos is used to that. She has been fighting for education reform ever since the 1980s. With President Reagan’s report, many in America realized that schools and reading comprehension weren’t the best. In fact, the United States hasn’t been close to the top 10 in education across the planet since that report was released.


It’s incredible to think that the leading country in the world is ranked below most of the other countries in the world for education. So what does Betsy DeVos want to do about it? As the 11th US Education Secretary, she has been working hard on a number of policies that will help students get a better education. One thing that she has been working to do is help students in underprivileged areas.


With educational choice, students are able to pick where they go to school. They also don’t have to choose private schools or charter schools. While those options are the best to some, there are also magnet programs. Magnet schools are programs at nearby public schools where students may enter a special program in order to attend. This means they may have to apply to a performing arts school or business law program. It’s still supported at the public school.


Students may also go to virtual schools and take online courses. This includes programs for homeschooling if students don’t want to attend their nearby high school. Lastly, students can pick a private school or charter school. How do they pay for tuition? That has been a common issue that Betsy DeVos has had to answer during her time as the US Education Secretary.


She is working with the First Lady Melania Trump to visit different schools and support her campaign. She has donated over $35 million to the educational choice fund, and she has a number of donors who are helping as well, including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Gates of Microsoft.


It’s no wonder that she has been able to achieve so much through philanthropy. In addition to working on education reform, she’s also the co-founder of Windquest with her husband Dick DeVos.


While DeVos still has a long road to get educational choice approved in all states, she continues to work hard for students and has stated many times that they are her number one priority. In addition, she has been working on campus security and safety training for school shooting situations. There haven’t been any incidents in 2019 so far. She has less than two years to bring more states on board with educational choice.


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ClassDojo Teaches Students How to Meditate

We live in a world that is governed by technology, and it’s affecting students. ClassDojo has created a series of beneficial videos that teach things like Mindful Listening, Focused Feet, and Mindful Breathing, to name a few. These videos help students to become more focused, relaxed, and aware of their surroundings so that they are better able to let go of anxiety and stress and to focus on their studies with a more calm and centered mind. The videos include the well-known ClassDojo monsters, and they are easy-to-follow for teachers and their classes. Teachers may also get more involved if they wish, but the videos are pretty self-explanatory and simple to follow.

With 75% of high schoolers suffering from negative emotions and 80% of teachers feeling many of the same emotions, ClassDojo felt the need for their videos, and they hope that it’ll be of great benefit to teachers and students all over the country.

One of the best benefits of Mindful Moment medication is that students will learn how to implement meditation in their lives long after they graduate. Meditation is a useful tool for daily life, and all it takes is just 15 minutes to reap the benefits.

NRP’s Unclear Piece about Rocketship Education Charter Schools

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of elementary schools that serve communities with low income who has hardships in accessing significant schools. The firm network was founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. The primary goal of the corporation is to reduce the gap between the opportunities for the rich and the poor students by the introduction of affordable school model that empowers the success of students from the poor communities. The network uses a unique approach whereby a student is connected with his personalized content; this method proves to be the best method of instruction in the system. Rocketship Education also includes parents in their student’s education, therefore, becoming the advocate of their children and the community. Including other stakeholders such as community organizations, districts, and other elementary schools, the network works for the achievement of one of life’s most important endeavor, education.

A recent activity where NPR covered the Rocketship Education charter schools has been read and commented on by many people. Read a post in response to the article published by NPR The article solely discussed the challenges the network has faced without giving more explanation. The piece also acknowledges the system as the most applauded for its achievement in innovation and quality learning. However, the critic of the section comes in where it states that the challenges and the practices in the network are not only done in Rocketship Education but also in other charter networks as well. The methods such as high pressure, long studying hours, discipline and unique class protocols are also seen in other charter schools including KIPP and Success Academy. The schools are well known for high scores in tests and attract the most loyal parents in the community.

The most crucial strategy Rocketship Education undertook was the early adoption of new tech models of administration and expansion. Kamenetz, the writer of the article, defends the pieces by saying that it supported the happy parents in the school and the unhappy parent who is no longer part of the school. The article refers to the network as a company, which is in this case, a company that is meant for profits. The writer, Kamenetz, and editors of the article may not be concerned about the outcome of the material, but in reality, the report could be the start of a takedown of the network rather than a piece meant for common journalism purpose.

Betsy DeVos Continues To Lead The Educational Choice Movement Through Action And Determination

Betsy DeVos began her life in Holland, Michigan, where she was influenced by the Dutch community who lived there. One of the main influences this community had on her was related to educational choice, which is a belief that people should have the right to send their kids to a school they approve of. At that time, and still today, most American students must attend a public school that is chosen for them based on the zip code of where they live. In the meantime, there are countless other educational options available, but they simply cost too much money for the majority of families in the nation.


Betsy DeVos would like to see more legislation passed that would divert tax dollars so they can be used to pay for the costs of charter schools and private schools. She has commented that she is also open to including homeschooling as well as other digital forms of learning. DeVos became inspired to join the movement and become more involved in politics during her time at the private Christian college Calvin College. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics while studying at Calvin, as well, and went on to serve the Michigan Republican Party as its chairman for six years.


Many people refer to Betsy DeVos as a reformer, and that is exactly what she is. It is her hope that more people will join the fight in order to help more young students in the United States get the education they deserve. DeVos has been a part of or has founded many different educational organizations and campaigns that have pushed for change. She now serves the U.S.A. as its secretary of education and has already gotten started on improving the educational system. She has done so through large monetary donations and by supporting charter schools in the state of Florida and Washington. During one of her most recent trips to Washington, she was joined by first lady Melania Trump and Queen Rania of Jordan.


Betsy DeVos became more interested in improving the educational and school system in the U.S. after visiting Potter’s House Christian School. It was there that she saw the reality that so many Americans suffer through every day. The environment at the school was wonderful, according to DeVos, but she was troubled that so many of the families who sent their kids there had to make huge financial sacrifices in order to do so. She first helped out by paying the tuition of specific kids whose family hoped they could attend the school. After this, she realized she could do more by donating directly to Potter’s House Christian School, and this is what she has continued to do for many years.


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21 Runways Highlighting Talent at the Academy of Art University

Talent is hard to find, but it seems that the Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion is finding talent left to right. The school has held a total of 21 runways to highlight some of its most prestigious students. Some of the graduates have introduced fashion lines for both men and women.

The designers have left a mark in the fashion world and have helped elevate the school’s name. The school opens its doors to many students, not only from the United States but also other places around the world. The school celebrates diversity and uses it to infuse revolutionary ideas into today’s fashion.

The Academy of Art University was once known as the Academy of Art College. The school was born in San Francisco, California. It make sense since California it a hotbed for talent and continues to call others to its beautiful shores. The school is a privately owned institution that believes in the power of art and fashion. It was founded by Richard S. Stephens back in 1929. The man knew that helping fashionistas perfect their craft would revolutionize style.

The school has a total of 283 teachers, who are passionately involved in fashion and education. The school also has a part-time teaching staff to help facilitate education. The staff is made up of 1154 members who are just as eager to help students as they are about helping teachers. These may seem like large numbers, but the school can boast a student list of more than 12,600 students.

That is a lot of students attempting to learn their craft who decided to trust the Academy of Art University, and the school does not disappoint. It is their commitment to refining each student’s natural talent that has made this school one of the biggest privately owned art and design educational centers in this country.

The school is located in the heart of San Francisco near wonderful little shops and great city living. The campus itself is something to behold because it was built with beauty in mind, which only helps make happy students. These are just some of the factors that make it the right school for students interested in the artform.

Anthony Petrello’s Role in Steering Nabors Industries to the Top of the Oil and Gas Industry

Anthony G. Petrello is currently the chairman of the board, CEO, and president of Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries runs the largest land-based drilling rig fleet in the world. The company has offshore drilling rigs in multiple locations across the globe. Additionally, the firm also provides innovative technologies, performance tools, and directional drilling services to different oil and gas markets in the world.

Exemplary Leadership Skills

As the man at the helm of leadership at Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello, also referred to as Tony Petrello, has played a crucial role in steering the company to where it is today. Using exemplary leadership skills and excellent business acumen, Mr. Petrello has guided his skilled team towards operational excellence while setting new standards and transforming the industry. With his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the natural gas industry, he has taken the firm through a steady phase of impressive growth in recent years. His vision for the company has seen Nabors Industries dominate the natural gas industry.

Work History

Before working as the CEO, Anthony Petrello worked as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd from 1991 to 2011. He has been the CEO of the firm since 2011. During his tenure, the company has not only increased its workforce, but it has also expanded to new markets across the globe. Mr. Petrello has served as the chairman of the board of Nabors Industries since June 2012. Anthony Petrello worked as the deputy chairman of the board between 2003 and 2012. As such, he made the natural choice for the position of CEO at the company when the opportunity presented itself in 2011. His extended stay at the company made him the perfect fit to steer the company forward since the company was facing tumultuous times in the industry.

Prior to joining Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello worked at the law firm Baker & McKenzie where his role was the Managing Partner of the firm’s New York office. He previously served as a director at Due to his exemplary leadership skills and experience, Anthony Petrello has been serving as a director at Stewart & Stevenson, LLC since 2011. In addition to this post, Mr. Petrello is a director of Texas Children’s Hospital Inc., which forms part of his philanthropic work.

Education Background

Anthony Petrello pursued his education at two Ivy League schools. He attended Yale University for his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics before joining Harvard Law School to study for his J.D. degree. His education background has played into making him a top leader in the business community.

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What is Class Dojo?

With the school year starting many parents may find themselves overwhelmed with the correspondence coming home from their children’s teachers. Teachers across the nation are embracing and utilizing a communication application that keeps them in direct contact with their students’ parents. Class dojo is an app that can be downloaded for free or accessed via a laptop or desktop. Parents will be given their child’s identification number and a password. When the account is created the parent will enter in that information and experience instant connection with their child’s teacher. Class dojo brings parents, teachers and students together. Teachers can use the app for direct communication to the student’s parent via a private message feature. Parents can ask their child’s teacher questions via the app and experience fast communication. In addition to being utilized as a private messaging option, class dojo also allows teachers to share pictures of what is happening throughout the day. These pictures can only be viewed by parents of the students in that particular teacher’s classroom. This gives parents insight into what is happening on any given day in the class room. Often times working parents miss out on special projects or activities, with the photo and video sharing option, parents can feel more involved and then communicate with their children about that activity after school. Students can customize their own monster that is their interactive character and students earn good behavior points as well as get docked points for bad behavior. This also helps parents know if their children on task or goofing off in class. Class dojo opens the door for better communication between parents and their children as well as parents and their child’s teacher. This free app is easy to use and kids love earning positive dojo points.

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