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Article Title: Sharon Prince Of Grace Farms Personally Advocating The Rights Of Women & Children

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The paternalistic society that used to be the standard in our world is long gone. Gender equality is now prevalent in any sector and industry. Nowadays, women leaders are making ripples of changes in society. Sharon Prince, the president and chairperson of Grace Farms is one of these few extraordinary women leaders.

Grace Farms At A Glance

Grace Farms is a wide open space expanding to more than 80 acres. It is an institution and a community center adorned with an unstinted outdoor environment to inspire ideas, bridge interactions, encourage preservation, promote understanding and education, and expand an appreciation to the value of nature. The place is open seven days a week and is free to the public.

Grace Farms invites visitors to engage in different programs that it is offering on the site, attend talks from different leaders within different disciplines, communicate with people from varying backgrounds, appreciate arts, and be close to Mother Nature. It is a public space offering multifaceted programming with a rich environment that provides a year-long assortment of natural wonders.

The 80 acres expanse is one of the largest open areas that the public can visit in Fair field County. Grace Farms is situated in New Canaan in Connecticut. This beautiful and peaceful place is a product of the vision and efforts of its president, Sharon Prince.

About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince is a holder of bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She took both degrees at the University of Tulsa. Despite her busy schedule managing and leading team at Grace Farms, Sharon is very active in supporting and participating in various advocacies fighting for women’s rights as well as children’s rights.

One of her advocacies is working to reunite the families and victims of child exploitation. Her efforts were honored and she received several recognitions including the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award.

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