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LimeCrime Loves All Animals

LimeCrime was founded in October 2008. The makeup trend during that time leaned towards a neutral palette. Founder, CEO, and owner Doe Deere was looking for colorful makeup that matched her personality and wardrobe. There was not much color to be found, and that was when her company was born. Her imagination and love for beautiful colors have gotten her millions of followers from all over the world. It was, however, the fact that her products are cruelty-free and vegan that enabled her to create a solid brand.

Animal free

LimeCrime is 100 percent vegan. Their products do not contain any animal products or byproducts. Their makeup does not contain beeswax, whey, carmine, or lanolin. Animals are not used in testing ingredients or in testing the actual product.


Deere’s company is serious about their love for animals. The products have been certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has certified Deere’s products as being cruelty-free and vegan. PETA recognized LimeCrime for being passionate about the proper treatment of animals. Deere’s products are listed in PETA’s shopping guide with other companies that care about the proper treatment of animals.

The Leaping Bunny Program may not be as well known as PETA, but it is equally important. They are responsible for creating the standards for cruelty-free makeup. This program is recognized in the United States, Canada, and Europe. In order to get a certification from the program, the makeup has to go through extensive background testing. Even third-party manufacturers are required to go through the extensive testing to make sure that no animals were ever used in the testing process.

Adoption and volunteer

It does not stop there for Deere and her company’s employees. It is not unusual for the employees to bring their pets to work. The passion for animal welfare is shared by everyone. Many employees volunteer their time to serve as foster parents to animals in need.