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Fabletics: Finding Balance

It’s no surprise that social media has a big impact on a company’s success. If a company has the right social media presence, it can easily outperform powerhouses that have dominated the markets for years. That’s exactly one of the strategies used by Fabletics to find success in the activewear market.

When people used to think activewear, they thought of brands like Nike and Under Armour. Now, Fabletics is one of the first names they think about. Over the last four years, Fabletics grew over 200 percent to a $250 million company. It’s one of the most successful brands that’s a part of the TechStyle Fashion Group conglomerate.

Activewear is a growing trend that’s most popular with millennials. Millennials are more health-conscious than their parents and love being able to go from the gym to running errands. Activewear perfectly combines the functionality of fitness wear with the comfort and style of everyday attire.

Fabletics’ use of social media and online awareness attracted millions of millennials. To date, Fabletics has over one million paying members and more than 20 million followers on Twitter. That online success also spurred the company to open 18 retail stores nationwide, and they plan on adding more in the coming years.

To succeed in the future, Fabletics will have to rely on the power of the crowd. The power of the crowd is a relatively new consumer behavior, but Fabletics is capitalizing on it perfectly. Today’s consumers don’t trust traditional advertising and marketing like their parents and grandparents did.

To more digital consumer uses online research to determine final purchases more than often. In fact, most studies show that people rely on online reviews more than anything. They even trust these online reviews as much or more than personal recommendations from people they know.

Fabletics found success by leveraging this new consumer behavior in their favor. When customers feel they can trust the brand in today’s society, the customer loyalty is off the charts. Using a review-centric strategy is the best way to succeed in any industry these days. Companies that don’t embrace the power of the crowd don’t last long.

The trust between companies and customers was broken by greedy companies who cared more about profit than selling quality products. According to most, the power of the crowd is only growing. It’s showing no signs of lessening or going away anytime soon.

Brown Modeling Agency and Ambitious, Capable Individuals

The Brown Agency is a widely known commercial talent and modeling firm that’s headquartered in Austin, Texas. It’s been in the capital of Texas since 2010. It’s a big force in commercial talent and modeling and has been for a while. It’s given many people in the city the opportunity to land assignments with the planet’s most notable brands. Some of these reputable brands are Toyota, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal and Dell. There are many other brands beyond those, too. The Brown Agency has also been able to help many models in the region get the chance to walk down fashion runways. They’ve done this for events such as Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week and even New York Fashion Week. Justin Brown works as the President of The Brown Agency. The company is named after him, too.

The Brown Agency helps encourage careers in both commercial talent and modeling. It concentrates on a wide range of diverse fields as well. These fields are print, fashion, commercials and, last but not least, movies. The company used to be known simply as Wilhelmina Austin. It works hard to find talented and hard-working individuals in locations all throughout the vast Central Texas region. That’s the reason the agency puts together routine open calls, too. The point of the open calls is to locate people who may be suitable candidates for rewarding careers in both commercial talent and modeling.

According to MarketWired, the Brown Agency works with many women and men who are part of the theatrical realm. Some of the women who are part of the agency’s theatrical roster are Shannon Shankman, Nikki Zook and Lauren Elliott. Men who are part of the firm’s theatrical roster, on the other hand, include Joel West, Gregory Alexander, Tom Graham and Michael Costilla. The company is constantly trying to grow its roster. It’s perpetually trying to scout out the finest professionals available as well. This is an agency that knows how to identify people who have the ability to do well in commercial talent and modeling. It knows how to recognize ambition that’s unwavering and strong. The team members who work for this firm know all too well how competitive the commercial talent and modeling universes can be. That’s why they’re so dedicated to finding the best and only the best. They’ve had a rock-solid track record in recent years, too. The Brown Agency is not a business that ever accepts results that are in any way, shape or form mediocre or less than ideal.

Female models who are part of The Brown Agency include Doa Jafri, Katie Plunkett, Kristie Mays and Vanadia Badillo. Male models who are part of the agency are Erik Fellows, Kane Soofi and Steve Murray.

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Don Ressler Is Proud Of Fabletic’s Success

Marrying ‘fashionable’ and affordability has been one of the main challenges facing women’s athletic wear industry. Previously, customers have been forced to choose one of the two since no company had managed to successfully marry the two important aspects of athletic wear. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg noticed this trend and come up with a new company that was going to fix the problem. In 2010, the two shrewd entrepreneurs co-founded Fabletics with a simple mission: to create athletic wear that were functional, fashionable and affordable.

The two fashion gurus knew they would not achieve their mission by copying the trend already existing in the market. They decided to do their own research and come up with athletic wear that satisfied the utility of women. This strategy involved testing various products through consumer tests and focus groups. After several tests and redesigning products, the duo was able to come up with products that deviated from the trends already in market. For them, products that were garish, expensive and ill-fitting had no place in the athletic wear industry.

The success of Don Ressler’s idea was boosted with contributions made by Kate Hudson. He decided to use her as the face of the brand. This approach ensured that the company could come up with an innovative branding strategy. Their products were designed strictly for women. The use of the actress as the face of the brand was a plus for Fabletics. She is friendly, confident and has an appealing face. These attributes helped her appeal to many women across the United States. In addition, Kate serves as the company’s spokeswoman.

Kate has passion for the media industry. Moreover, she has outstanding communication skills. She has used these qualities to draw masses to Fabletics. To this end, the company has continued to grow in leaps and curve a market niche for itself. Besides using the media to market Fabletics, Kate has embarked on improving the brand’s presence online.

Don Ressler is pleased with his contributions at Fabletics. He is particularly proud that he has been able to create a brand that does not exploit women. Fabletics is able to satisfy the athletic wear needs of its customers without making them to part with a lot of money. Besides having affordable and fashionable products, Fabletics is using the high-speed efficiency of online shopping to make shopping for women’s sportswear fun. The company’s products have helped busy women to take care of their health without sacrificing their sense of fashion.