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Equities First Holdings – Getting Financing Quickly

Equities First Holdings offers stock-based loans and has many branches in various locations around the world. This type of loan is secured with a stock portfolio and is a great option for people who need to borrow quickly and are unable to get approved for a conventional loan. Equities First Holdings has been rendering financial solutions since 2002 and has a proven track record. Read More.


Equities First Holdings – Stock-Based Loans For Your Success

Equities First Holdings is a global lending firm and has a team of lending professionals that assist clients in getting an affordable loan. Whether it’s a personal goal or professional goal that you’re trying to accomplish, it’s imperative to contact the team at Equities First Holdings. Established in 2002, Equities First Holdings has grown tremendously and has a good relationship with many successful companies in the financial industry.

Stratford Shields on Enhancing Productivity as an Entrepreneur

Stratford Shields works with Chicago-based Loop Capital Markets as a Managing Director. To remain productive, he reads a lot to keep up with the news and events in the world. As a public finance banker, this comes in handy in keeping in touch with his clients’ needs while satisfying his curiosity.

To serve his clients better, Stratford Shields spends the better part of his morning meditating and strategizing on how to meet each of his clients’ needs. While at it, he comes up with unique and innovative solutions customized to meet each of their needs. Whenever the situation calls for it, he parlays a solution that has worked for one client onto another’s needs.

When it comes to the organization of his daily routine, Stratford Shields pays keen attention to detail. This strategy ensures he delivers on all his tasks for the day while also increasing his productivity. Additionally, doing so ensures he always keeps tabs of all his clients’ ideas while not losing track of any details. Constant communication with his clients also ensures he can keep track of what they expect from him to ensure proper implementation of their ideas.

In entrepreneurship, thinking outside the box has earned Stratford Fields major achievements. In 2012, he oversaw the privatization of the Ohio State University parking system in a $483 million 50-year deal with LAZ/QIC. The money was paid upfront and has helped the university in matters research and student scholarships. Consequently, he holds the honors of overseeing the first major privatization at a university.

In business, Stratford Shields has also learned that knowing both your limitations and those of the market are crucial in identifying when to stop pursuing some transactions as they will never be real. This helps in remaining realistic while ensuring clients also understand what they can or can’t achieve. However, to deliver this news to clients properly, it is crucial to learn the art of delivering such news.

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Looking into the Career of Wes Edens, the Fortress Investment Founder

Wes Edens is a person with a knack for business owing to his tremendous achievements thus far. He founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 alongside Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Michael Edward. As a principal member of Fortress Investment, he is responsible for the firm’s private equity business that mainly focuses on real estate, healthcare, and infrastructure and transportation. Edens has played a significant part in elevating the company’s worth to a multi-billion investment. He got a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University.Wes Edens has a career that spans more than three decades. He started his career as a managing director of Lehman Brothers from 1987 to 1993. He later joined BlackRock Financial Management Inc. as the head of Asset Investors until 1997.

One year later, he established Fortress Investment Group. Wall Street Journal has recognized his shrewd style of investing as one based on ‘contrarian bets, creative financing and a knack for building businesses from investments.’ Through Edens’s leadership, Fortress Investment Group became the first publicly traded buyout firm in 2007. One notable achievement credited to Edens is the role he played to resurge the stock price that had fallen during the subprime mortgage crisis. Under Wes Edens’s watch, Fortress Investment Group acquired Springleaf Financial Services. Edens raised the value of the affiliate organization to 3.5 billion from its initial investment value of 124 million dollars.

Accordingly, he was hailed as the new king of subprime lending. Further, Edens is the Chairman of Nationstar Mortgage, a subprime mortgage lender acquired by Fortress Group in 2006. Hitherto, the company has delivered more than 33,000 homes in the United States. Such an achievement further proves the prowess of Wes Edens vis-à-vis business. Besides investing in private equity, Wes Edens has an eye for sports; he co-owns Milwaukee Bucks which is a National Basketball Association franchise operating in Wisconsin. Additionally, he owns a League of legends team called Flyquest. Edens is married to his wife Lynn, and they have four children together.

Micheal Burwell Appointment’s Impact On Willis Towers Watson CFO

Towards the end of the year 2017, Willis Towers Watson insurance company appointed Michael Burwell as their new chief financial officer. Michael filled up the gap in the company left by the retirement of Rogers Millay. His appointment was in line with the company’s strategy of infusing fresh ideas to its already effective insurance strategies. When announcing the appointment to the public, Willis Tower Watson CEO John Haley mentioned that Mike Burwell joins the insurer at a time when the company is considering radical evolution strategies regarding client interactions as well as financial transformation.



What does Mike Burwell bring to the table?


Mike brings with him a bag full of experience from the different positions he has held in his long-standing career in the corporate world. With over 31 years of professional and finance experience gained in the different service and managerial positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Michael Burwell stands best suited for this position.



Impact of his appointment on the insurer


According to Willis Tower CEO John Haley, his company is dedicated towards client satisfaction and transformative approach to financial aspects of the business. The company, therefore, stands to benefit immensely from Burwell’s contributions to the company’s management as his experience boils down to these two aspects of the business. Note that he spent over two decades of his career in the transaction services and auditing fields of business.


While here, Michael Burwell helped different companies set up functional audit departments as well as align their financial strategies with their overall organizational goals. He especially worked on pre-merger due diligence and business valuations for different industries, including other insurance services providers. These skills will, therefore, come in handy during his stay at the Willis Tower.


Michael Burwell’s experience in business valuations and due diligence blends in well with this new role in the insurance industry. The fact that establishing insurable interests for a business or any other entity starts with valuation goes on to cement his value within the company. Additionally, his previous experience working for a global financial company at a top-level leadership position means that the insurer stands to benefit from invaluable financial insights on how well to structure and run their global network of finance departments. See This Page for related information.



Bottom line


Michael Burwell isn’t new to the world of finance. Burwell’s experience working with global leaders in matters finance and consulting for numerous other institutions from different industries comes in handy in this new position. He is, therefore, expected to use this experience to align the company’s financial department.