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Glen Wakeman Mentoring Upcoming Investors Using Modern Technology

Glen is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States of America. He has invested in a variety of investments and has achieved considerable success in his career. he has been in the business world for more than two decades and has set up a good record. Glen has also been mentoring many upcoming investors. He has founded many businesses which have been doing so well in the market. he has spent a considerable number of years in the management sector and he fully understands the various dynamism behind the business world.

Glen is the founder and the president of the Nova Four which provides business plans and provide strategic advice and also gives access to capital aimed at developing such companies. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and gives financial advises and coaching to upcoming businesses to improve their financial stability and a command a market share. Glen is also the founder of the which is an online platform which offers online business planning services through their customized website. It applies the digital marketing strategy to reach their many customers. The fundamental mind underlying the success of the activities of Nova Four and are the prime ideas of Glen Wakeman. He brings his rich ideas in business to life through discussing them with other great minds in his company for reassessment.

Glen Wakeman has worked with various companies. He worked for many years with GE Capital. He occupied key management positions including being the general manager, business development officer and the operational manager in the company. He also worked as the Chief Executive Officer of the GE Money Latin America where he achieved great success (Affiliatedork). As the CEO, he was accredited of having built over 1000 branches. He has also worked with many countries across Europe and Asia. Glen is also a great technocrat and he is fascinated by the application of machines learning in the business world. Glen Wakeman attended the University of Chicago where he received his MBA. He also attended the University of Scranton where he received a degree in Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance.




Sahm Adrangi Gives Kodak a Profitable Thumbs Down

In early February, successful investment manager, Sahm Adrangi, issued a negative report on the Eastman Kodak Company. The report was issued by Kerrisdale Capital, a private investment firm of which Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer. Within the report, Adrangi explains why the firm is shorting the shares of the Eastman Kodak Company and goes into details to explain what his firm is predicting to happen. Follow Sahm Adrangi on Twitter.

Kodak is a one hundred and thirty-eight year old company that has had a long history in the film industry that has is attempting to expand into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Sahm Adrangi explains that Kodak’s plan to use smart contracts and crypto-asset to avoid the infringement of copyrights is the basis of the company’s strategy. Recent share prices have shown a significant rise in the stock price as a result of releases by Kodak of its intent to enter the Crypto space. In the report, Kerrisdale Capital is suggesting that the concepts outlined in Kodak’s plan are not very sound and will ultimately not do well.



If what Sahm Adrangi is anticipating to happen occurs, he and his partners would stand to make a significant amount of profits by shorting the Eastman Kodak Company’s shares. Shorting stocks is a process by which an investor sells shares before they purchase them. The hop is that they will sell them at a higher price than that of what they will pay for it later, which will allow them to make the spread of the price difference. With the price of Kodak shares having risen to a point that is significantly above what Investor, Sahm Adrangi, believes it is worth, it is a perfect opportunity to sell or short the shares. When market information of performance results reaches the public, or the anticipation of this occurs, the prices would then be expected to fall. Once the prices fall, the shares would them be purchased at the lower price. Visit The Hedgefund Journal to know more about Sahm Adrangi.

George Soros of Open Society Foundations Reaches out To the Less Privileged

George Soros is a household name in America. The Hungarian-American boasts of having walked through life’s intolerance to success. His focus is, however, on the future of Americans. Soros was born in Hungary. He is one of the people that experienced first-hand inhuman treatment during the famous, yet cruel, Nazi Regime. Soros survived the intolerance because his father hid the family’ identity by providing false documents. Soros remembers that his family saved their neighbours as well. By concealing their backgrounds, they resisted the evil force and learn more information click here.


Soros joined the London School of Economics to pursue what he loved most. It is in that school that he realized his passion for the Open Society, a value he upholds to date. This, he derived from Karl Pooper’s book. Karl Pooper loved philosophy. As a defender of democracy and fair government systems, he facilitated the flow of humanity. His works focused on science as well as the uncertainty of knowledge and read full article. In this scenario, Soros was attracted to ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’, a book that explains the benefits of having an open society. Throughout out his life, Soros has lived with the book as a reference to what the society needs and what George Soros knows.


Soros worked as a railway porter. He also worked as a club waiter at night. All this was in order to support his studies. This goes to show that Soros’ journey to greatness was not easy. With determination and resilience, he has been able to accomplish a lot. He moved to America in 1956. He joined the world of investment and finance. That is where his fortune started multiplying. In 1970, Soros had made sufficient funds to establish a hedge fund. That marked the onset of his success stories. The Soros Fund management was named among the leading hedge funds in America. Perhaps that is why Soros was motivated to focus on bigger projects and Follow his

Open Society Foundations and Boogeyman

Open Society Foundations is a huge network of partners, projects as well as foundations across 100 countries or more. The nature of this organization is to congregate most charitable foundations with the aim of helping the underprivileged. With Soros as the head of the organization, Open Society Foundations has reached out to the less fortunate by promoting education reforms, proper governance, democracy, and freedom of expression as well as individual rights. Most importantly, Open Society Foundations has fought for the respect of human rights. This is the objective of the foundation. Soros is now known as a boogeyman thanks to his investment deals and predictions when it comes to the economic state of the world. Often has he been heard giving valid opinion concerning the direction that the world is taking in creating wealth or the possibility of making it without the help of other nations and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

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