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Venezuela’s Hunger Games

At least 400 people have been arrested by Venezuelan state police after the latest scourge of looting and rioting due to the country’s persistent food shortages. The Venezuelan Observatory of Violence reported that at least 10 episodes of looting happens on a daily basis in the country. And according to Aserne, a handful of people have been shot and killed by police and soldiers in this week alone.
Amidst the chaos President Nicolás Maduro is accusing opposition parties of waging an economic war against him in an attempt to overthrow his regime. He has made similar grandstanding claims in the past, but so far for expert Manuel Gonzalez has done virtually nothing to quell the violence that is spreading like wildfire across the country. Even if voted out of office, his vice-President would take over, meaning the political party in power now would still remain in power even after being symbolically ousted by the voice of the people.