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Is Martavis Bryant a WR1 in Fantasy Football Rankings?

Martavis Bryant started his career off a little oddly; he really wasn’t putting up the numbers in the preseason and he had a lingering issue that bled over a few games into the actual season, much to the dismay of fantasy football rankings.

About half way through, he came out with a bang, which including a long touchdown right out of the gate, proving those who compile fantasy football rankings raise an eyebrow.

The second season was like the first, though this time he was sidelined because of a failed drug test. When he finally got back, Big Ben was injured and he had backups throwing to him.

As expected, his results weren’t there, again to the detriment of his place in the fantasy football rankings. The third was even worse; he was suspended for the whole season.

In this new season, he seems healthy and ready to be a great compliment to Antonio Brown, should he and Big Ben can stay together and really put in some work.

So, the talent is there, which makes him again an intriguing target in fantasy football rankings circles.