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Oren Frank Talks About The Importance Of Moderation In Work Cultures

The current crisis that the world is going through when it comes to mental health is having a huge impact on society. Oren Frank, the Chief Executive Officer of Talkspace, founded the online psychotherapy service with his wife Roni who was a software developer previously. After Oren Frank and his wife began seeking treatment from a couples’ therapist, they realized just how big of an impact the profession could have. They were grateful to be able to have access to such services and wanted more people in the world to be able to as well.

Oren Frank knows that it’s not that uncommon for people to have good ideas, but what it is uncommon are the people who are focused and determined enough to put the work into that idea to make it something real. This is where many startups tend to fail which is why it’s important to follow ideas that you are passionate about. The amount of sleep that someone has each night also plays a large role in the creativity and productivity of a person, which is why Oren Frank values getting around seven hours of sleep every night. In addition, he tries to keep his mind sharp by doing a lot of reading from different sources throughout his day. For more information of Oren Frank, visit his crunchbase profile

Moderation is important in a lot of aspects of life and Oren Frank tries to keep it in mind when it comes to his career. Some industries have a work culture that is not good for the people involved mentally or physically. Unfortunately, the more hours that people put in, the less productive they tend to be during this time. When people are able to moderate their workdays and find balance in their lives between friends and family, they are happier people who are more productive during their days. Learn more:

American Addiction Centers: Remember The Truth

For a lot of addicts out there, they have a difficult time with the truth. It is not because all of them are liars, although some of them have become pretty good at lying. It is because they don’t have all of the facts and all of the information they need in order to get the help that is necessary for them to recover from the addiction they have been battling for a number of years.

One of the addictions that is out there that not many people pay attention to, but they should is AUD (alcohol use disorder). It is a major one, and it is impacting a number of families and a number of individuals.

It usually starts with the family unit. There is also mental illness tied into it as well. A lot of people are self-medicating because of what they have seen and been through in their lives. It is helping them to forget about their problems in the moment, but if the problems are not properly dealt with, they will return to the surface. Read more: American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alcohol | AliveNewsPaper  and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

It is truly only a matter of time before they return. When they come back this time, they will be even more difficult to overcome and conquer. The best thing anyone can do is reach out to the AAC (American Addiction Centers) and get the help they need. It is the best way to get them on the right track in their life.

The AAC, founded in 2007, knows what they are doing when it comes to addiction. They keep up-to-date on everything that is happening with addiction. They want to know what trends are happening when it comes to addiction and how severe an addiction is for someone. For some people, they are at a pretty advanced stage with their addiction. For others, they are a point in their lives where it’s only just started.

No matter where someone is with their addiction to alcohol or any other substance, the AAC is there to help them and be there for them. Sometimes that is all someone with an addiction needs to hear to get started with their recovery. They need someone that actually cares.

That is another aspect of the truth that oftentimes gets overlooked. An addict is being told a number of lies by their addiction. When those lies start to feel like truths, that is when it is a major problem for them.

The AAC is here to stay, and they are going to help the person suffering with any type of addiction remember the person they once were, and they are going to get them back to that place. They will take the ride with the addict, and they will be there with them to make it a little bit easier.

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American Addiction Centers ‘ Salute to Recovery Serves Those Who Have Served America

Under the very best of circumstances, military life can be stressful. PTSD and the physical and the emotional pain of being wounded compounds that stress.

It is no wonder that over a six-year period the number of veterans seeking help for addiction increased by over 50%. Substance abuse among service members is rising faster than substance abuse among civilians. Addiction is one of the two leading causes of hospitalization among service personnel.

Salute to Recovery

To aid our veterans in their fight against addiction American Addiction Centers has initiated their Salute to Recovery program.

The program launched In May 2019 to coincide with Military Appreciation Month. Veterans are often reluctant to seek addiction treatment because they see their addiction as a source of shame.

Meeting The Special Needs of Veterans

Suffering from PTSD poses an extra challenge to those recovering from addiction. The Salute to Recovery program is tailored to the special needs of combat vets. Parenthetically, the Salute curriculum can also benefit first responders.

The Salute to Recovery Approach

To better help them manage their disease Salute enrollees are taught to better understand their illness. A variety of therapeutic strategies are employed. Narrative Therapy is about helping an addict rewrite their life story by exploring their talents and strengths.

Classified as a psychotherapy Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing addresses mental health issues. If a Salute to Recovery participant has mental health issues coupled with addiction both conditions are treated. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

Salute places an emphasis on group therapy. The therapy groups consist wholly of veterans and first responders. American Addiction Centers’ Desert Hope Treatment Center is the AAC facility chosen for Salute to Recovery.

A portion of the Desert Hope campus has been set aside exclusively for vets and first responders. This allows those enrolled in Salute to form emotional bonds essential to the recovery process. For veterans, emotional bonds ease the transition to civilian life.

Veterans and Addiction The Statistics

A study by American Addiction Centers found that only half the vets struggling with mental health issues seek treatment. The addiction rate among Vietnam veterans could be as high as 80%. In 2016 drug addiction had rendered 8% of discharged vets unable to work.

American Addiction Centers

Based in New York City and founded by Michael Cartwright American Addiction Centers is a network of treatment facilities across the United States. American Addiction Centers’ treatment centers boast twice the success rate of other drug treatment facilities.

The American Addiction Centers approach to recovery is holistic. While drug addiction and alcoholism are being treated other medical and emotional conditions are also treated. Each treatment program is bespoke for the individual being treated.

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Hyland’s Oral Pain and Teething Tablets  


There’s nothing worse than hearing your baby cry. You want to help them and ease their pain. When babies are teething, they sometimes cry for hours. Parents can feel helpless and frustrated. There are many over the counter products that claim to relieve the pain of teething babies. The problem is they contain many harsh ingredients like benzocaine as well as aspirin or ibuprofen. There is a safe and effective alternative. Its Hyland’s Teething Tablets, a safe homeopathic solution.

Homeopathic medicine is not new, it is as old as Hippocrates. It is the believe that your body can, and will, heal itself if given the chance. Homeopathic medicine works to strengthen the body while putting it back into natural rhythm. Modern medicine tries to force the body into an unnatural state, masking pain with pharmaceuticals. Hyland’s products have always been safe for everyone in your family, including the youngest and most vulnerable. Since founded in 1903 by George Hyland, Hyland’s has always cared about families, not profits.

In 2017, Hyland’s Baby choose to recall Hyland’s Teething Tablets. There was some concern by the FDA, and although Hyland’s trusted the science behind Hyland’s Teething Tablets, and knew they were safe. Hyland’s Baby choose to recall Hyland’s Teething Tablets and abide by the concerns of the FDA. After much thought the scientist at Hyland’s created Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets. Free of belladonna, artificial dyes, and parabens. It is homeopathic medicine at its best. While Hyland’s Teething Tablets were safe an effective product, often your baby is in pain for another reason. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are designed to relieve all the symptoms of mouth pain. Made with natural ingredients like chamoilla known to relieve pain and irritability, arnica montana, and calcarean, two substances known to relieve pain and swelling. It also contains coffee known to help with sleep and relieve irritability, finally ferrum for discomfort and swelling.

Babies can’t tell us why they are crying. If the problem seems to be teething or some other mouth pain, parents can trust Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Tablets. You will be relieved knowing that you’ve given you baby a product that’s safe.

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Choosing the Top Jeunesse Global Products

The Jeunesse Global brand has been around for over a decade because of the quality ingredients that are put into each and every product. This is a brand that you can trust to give you the results that you need and want. The brand is well-known for their anti-aging ingredients and products specific to getting you feeling your absolute best. If you would like to make use of Jeunesse Global, you can visit their main website or check them out on social media. If you are a fan of the brand, you can even become an independent distributor so that you are able to sell the same products that you love and use on a daily basis.


While there are a lot of products within the Jeunesse Global line, one of the most popular is known as NV. This makeup product uses a primer, foundation and bronzer to create an airbrushed and flawless finish to your skin. The products have patented anti-aging ingredients in each bottle so that you are also treating your skin while creating a flawless finish. You can finally feel confident going out and about when you know you look your absolute best. This is why a lot of people have chosen to make use of NV and are finding this makeup product to be one of the best they have ever used for themselves.


You will love the quality of the ingredients that are put into each and every Jeunesse Global product. You can either purchase the products directly from the company itself or you can work with a local distributor who is going to give you the chance to try out the product before you make the decision to purchase anything yourself. There are a lot of people who love and use the Jeunesse Global brand every single day and it is well worth looking into for yourself. With so many people looking to utilize this option for themselves, you can feel confident knowing you are buying products that will work for you no matter what your skin type happens to be or the results you achieve.,19.htm

Is Jeunesse Global the right business for you?

If you have been following network marketing companies, you may have heard of Jeunesse Global. The company has been there for decades now, and it has attracted a massive following from different parts of the world. Many who have tried their products recognize the MLM Company. Since their inception, they have been providing personal care and nutrition products to their customers. Those looking for a way to earn extra income can also consider working as a distributor with the company. There are two ways you can earn an income with Jeunesse Global. For example, you can be a distributor, or you can recruit others to join the company as distributors.

The company history

The company deals with nutrition and skincare products, and successful entrepreneurs started it. Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray are the experts behind the formation of the company. They joined the effort and formed Jeunesse in 2009, and they have worked hard since then to see the company become a global firm. Apart from being successful in entrepreneurship, they are veterans in network marketing. Since then they have recruited many upcoming entrepreneurs, and they work in unison as one global family. The two have incorporated old school and modern marketing methods to become successful with their company.

If you decide to work as a distributor with Jeunesse Global, you can take advantage of modern marketing techniques. For example, you can use social, medical platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to recruit potential entrepreneurs who want to start earning a living. The best part with Jeunesse Global is that they distribute exceptional products. If you do not want to be a distributor, but you are looking for technologically advanced skincare, weight loss and healthcare products, you should try them from the organization. Luminesce is one of their recognized products globally, and they have used it to push their brand to become successful.

They believe Luminesce to be one of the best modern skincare products in the world. The product is formulated to enhance skin firmness, restore luminosity and make your skin look smooth. The unique formula used to manufacture the product makes you look young.

Jeunesse Global: Your One Stop Destination for All Your Beauty Products

The cosmetics industry continues to grow at a rapid pace across the world, with multitudes of products introduced into the market constantly. However, it is difficult to find that effectively responds to all your needs. Jeunesse Global defies the industry and provides with revolutionary products designed to respond to all of your cosmetics needs.

The company was started by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis on September, 2009. The founders had recently retired but chose to share their solutions for a more youthful and revitalized life with others across the globe. The outcome was the establishment of a line of products that ranges from beauty products to revitalizing products. The products offered by Jeunesse Global include Luminesce, RESERVE, FINITI, ZEN BODI, M1ND, AM and PM Essentials, NEVO, Instantly Ageless, and NV.

RESERVE is a combination of superfruits that contains antioxidants which protect the skin from free radical damage. Luminesce moisturizes the skin, giving it a youthful glow and serves as an anti-aging skin care solution. Instantly ageless lessens facial wrinkles, pores, fine lines, and under-eye bags. AM and PM Essential are enhancers that slow premature aging. As the names suggests, PM Essentials works best at night and among premature aging it facilitates restful sleep. AM Essentials works best during the day and comprises of essential vitamins and minerals that increase your energy facilitates improved moods.

Nevo is an energy drink made purely from real fruits juices, while M1ND is memory enhancing solution. M1ND informed by Eastern medicine and consists of a clinically proven dietary concentration which contains proteins taken from silkworm cocoons. NV is a skin-nourishing foundation developed for all types of skin tones and types. The products provides hydration and moisture, free of sulfates, parabens, and oils. ZEN BODI addresses three fundamental aspects of getting fit namely curbing appetite, burning fat, and ultimately building muscle.

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Despite of the comprehensive line of products, Jeunesse Global visionaries continues to work on more innovative solutions to promote a revitalized and youthful life for all people. The company continues to expand into the cosmetics industry by offering newer and more revolutionary products, or even expanding on the already existing offerings.

Waiakea Water — Comes from One of the Purest Source of Water on the Earth

Some people drink a lot of bottled water during the course of their day. In some cases, they may be able to distinguish between bottled water that does not really taste good, and those that are quite tasty and refreshing. The primary reasons some bottled water taste better than others usually depends on the source that the actual water does come from. Therefore, when people are choosing a specific brand of water, it is essential that they are doing their homework prior to selecting a bottled water that they will be drinking every day. Therefore, if you are one of the people who enjoy drinking the best-bottled water on the market today, you may even pay a little extra to get the experience that you are looking for. (Learn more about Waiakea Water on Organic Authority: Waiakea Water: Redefines Sustainable)


Purest water source that comes from the Earth


To make sure that the resource comes from one of the purest on the earth, you may want to start adding Waiakea Water on a long list of options. Often referred to by the names of Waiakea water ph, and Hawaii volcanic water, this water comes from streams in this area and has a wide range of volcanic water benefits. So, people can take advantage of what this bottled water offers to one’s health. Waiakea offers purity in its ultimate, untainted form.


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Why is this Water So Pure and Packed with essential Minerals?


Compared to different kinds of good fresh healthy well water, Waiakea Water’s source is said to be one of the purest water sources on earth. Even though this is true, you may want to know why these bold statements are being proudly made. Well, let’s see. When this water is being formed in the earth, scientists are saying that it passes thru at least 14,000 feet of volcanic rock before can be it can be tapped into for use. As these activities are happening, the water gets richer and richer in nutrients that people need for their health. So, for those people who want to have strong nails, bones and clear skin, they may want to drink lots of this bottled water for its richness in potassium, calcium, and magnesium.


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Cameron Clokie Delivers Quality Healthcare for the People of Toronto

The Chief Executive Officer and President of Induce Biologics, Cameron Clokie has renowned expertise in delivering medical services pertaining to maxillofacial and oral surgery. Besides, he uses his career as a business venture. With Induce Biologics Inc., he focuses on delivering regenerative medical services to his patients. He has done successful plastic surgeries to improve facial appearances for clients with deformities in such body parts. Additionally, he has done numerous publications in his area of specialization.

Cameron Clokie served at the University of Toronto as the professor in charge of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the institution. In his current hospital rounds, he has involved his clients in discussions about regenerative medicine and possible future advancements in the industry.

Cameron Clokie uses stem cells to cure injuries and mend deformities in his patients in Toronto. These cells are injected into the patients channeling them to the infected areas. Also, he applies various molecules and biological components that suit the damaged areas in the body. Scientists have not yet ventured fully into regenerative medicine hence the slow advancements. Nevertheless, Cameron Clokie is making successful accomplishments and these are shared in many scientific articles and other types of papers. His mode of treatment has materialized in many cases thereby relieving his patients of their pain.

In as much as cells from blood transfusion were the first to be discovered and are very ancient for that matter, he still appreciates and uses them as stem cells if need be. But the use of bone marrows in delivering therapies is more advanced and can help in curing a wide range of illnesses. For instance, bone marrows are transplanted to patients with leukemia. This, therefore, promotes the regeneration of healthy blood cells that are donated by their families.

Lancet Pathologists have identified remedies for providing treatment to chronic diseases and are advising scientists to keep doing more research on the same. The signs of progress that they have made have been felt including the invention of technology. This improvement allows for the transformation of different types of cells to other types. The technology also speeds up the healing of various organs without any recurring medications. His commitments to regenerative medicine have helped in saving many lives in Toronto.\

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Amicus Therapeutics

Miracles happen every day, and lives are constantly being changed for the greater good. Now they are being helped even more with organizations like Amicus Therapeutics.

Located in Cranbury, New Jersey, Amicus Therapeutics is a biotech company that specializes in the development of treatments for rare and orphan diseases. Amicus has provided its technology for a number of families who all attest that without their research and technology, they would not have been able to lead the normal lives that they are able to. Visit Market Watch to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Through the years Amicus has gone through several phases of development. From not having a way to manufacture its products, to now manufacturing its products through contract manufacturing, Amicus uses their research and partnerships with other companies to get the necessary treatments out to the public.


Amicus has received grants from such organizations as the Michael J Fox foundation, due to their phenomenal treatment method research that has touched numerous lives effected by such diseases as Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders. So many patients have come forward to tell their stories of how their lives have been altered for the better, even though they live with such illnesses. They pay homage to the research and treatment methods that Amicus Therapeutics works so hard to accomplish every single day. From being stuck in a hospital for years, and then finally being able to leave because of Amicus, to being able to live long term with the illness. Amicus has changed lives for the better. Learn more about the company at

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