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Are the Open Society Foundations by George Soros the Answer to Social Injustices?

George Soros has become a popular news items in the recent past. Unfortunately, not everyone has an objective mind when reporting about the activities that he has been carrying out together with the Soros Foundation. There are some news articles that had attempted to link Soros to the Charlottesville accident. This is unfortunate because as a Holocaust survivor, Soros would never think of violence as an answer to social injustice, no matter how deep the injustice is. Here are a few of the things that you may not know about Soros and his foundation.

Soros has a net worth of $25 billion. Of this amount, he has pledged $18 billion to the George Soros Foundation. He is determined to ensure that the work he has been laying the groundwork for all these years continues for many years to come. In a statement that was given when confirming the generous donation, the Soros Foundation said that Soros was considering donating even more to the foundation shortly. The generous donation has put his foundation among the largest in the world. It is not the first time that Soros has donated to charity. In the 30 years that he has been operating from the country, Soros has donated more than $6 billion to different causes.

One of the things that Soros likes is a liberal society where all people regardless of their race, skin color and sexual orientation among other differences, can be treated equally. Soros is not happy about the fact that the country is having conversations about building walls to lock out Mexicans, flagging down passports from Islamic countries at the airport, and firing black players who take a knee to support the black lives matter movement.

Soros was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton. He hoped that she would win the race to the White House because of her progressive agenda. Soros liked the fact that she had special consideration for minority groups and her foreign policy was inclusive as opposed to the combative approach being used by Trump. He contributed more than $25 million towards her election campaign. He was disappointed when she did not make it to the White House. However, he feels that at this point, the Soros Foundation and other similar bodies can help keep checks and balances on the government of the day.

Soros believes that with time, it will be possible to create foundations that are so strong that they can combat the retrogressive politics being played by the conservatives and preserve the values that make America a great nation. He also believes that with time, it will be possible for the country to recover from the many steps it has taken back into the past. Soros has already created a legacy in fighting for equality and social justice. He is hoping that the Foundation will champion his ideas, not only in America but also in Eastern Europe and the many other areas where change is needed. Soros is a genuinely sensational leader. and Follow him