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Ricardo Tosto: The Excellent Corporate Lawyer From Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is considered to be a notable figure in the field of law in Brazil. He has been part of the Brazilian law scene for quite a while during which he has dealt with numerous clients and dozens of different firms. He is considered to be extremely proficient at what he does and is known for his skill in handling legal matters. He has been legal counsel to some of the top firms in the entire country. The clients who he has served come from a variety of different backgrounds and fields. Ricardo Tosto is also regarded as someone who is extremely good in dealing with cases that involve financial matters, which is one of his primary specialties. Financial law is his forte, which has also given him the stellar reputation as a corporate lawyer that he currently has.

One of the things that have gotten Ricardo Tosto to the position that he currently is in is his dedication to his job. He takes his work very seriously and believes in working extremely hard to make his goals a reality. This has helped him climb up the corporate ladder to get to the high position that he currently has in the industry. He has always believed in putting his best foot forward to give his clients the best legal service, which has helped him progress in his career.

Big corporations are not the only clients that Ricardo Tosto currently serves. He has also worked with numerous governmental organizations which have requested his skill in legal matters. He has also been the legal counsel for various government officials in the country, working on some of their biggest cases.

Even though it may seem like Ricardo Tosto is only focused on his work, he does take the time out to do his bit to help society. He is known to take up cases of those who cannot afford legal counsel from time to time. He has helped numerous people gain the justice that they rightfully deserve. He is also a regular contributor to NGOs across the country that work to help people who are not as fortunate as he is.

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Karl Heideck’s Hectic Career As A Litigation Attorney

Life as a litigation attorney is hectic and often times complicated. The smallest issue can become the biggest tempest of legal proceedings. As a litigation attorney you must be able to weather the storms of the legal system and lead your client out of harms way as well.

Being a litigation attorney requires hours of extensive investigative work. To be fully prepared for a case they must have knowledge of all the relevant details. Even if that includes reading through piles of documents consisting of anything from witness statements to medical records or crucial evidence. Even when that strenuous task is completed a litigation attorney’s job may be far from over.

Though 90 percent of cases don’t make it to trial the ten percent that do can turn into a real battle, putting a lot of pressure on civil litigators especially. If a settlement can not be reached by both parties prior to a lawsuit being filed the litigator has to draft vital motions and pleadings to file with the court, in which case the defendant’s attorney is required to respond. Then, both sides exchange information and prepare for pretrial. Usually a settlement is reached in the pretrial phase, but if one is not reached then both sides prepare for the hectic trial process.


Litigation attorneys may work for criminal clients, real estate firms, law firms, large corporations, or individuals.

About Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia based attorney who has made his name in the compliance and risk management areas of his profession. Karl Heideck has a passion for helping upcoming litigation attorneys reach their goals. This passion is the reason he started his blog which focuses on legal news and changes to the public.

He attended Swarthmore College and graduated in 2003 with an undergraduate degree. He later went on to enroll in James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University in 2009, where he received his law degree.

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How Are A Whistleblower’s Interests Safeguarded And Is There Any Reward?

Did you know that laws and regulations are guaranteeing the protection and rewards for SEC whistleblowers? Did you also know that there are SEC whistleblower lawyers dedicated to investigating and verifying your claims and presenting your case in a federal court while guaranteeing anonymity and protection? The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 guarantees the safety and reward of any whistleblower with valuable securities exchange violations.

Therefore, you can comfortably report security practice violation cases against security traders in person or anonymously without jeopardizing your career or risking retaliation from the employer or fellow industry players. Additionally, you stand a chance of gaining substantial reward for any successful prosecution. According to the consumer protection Act, for every whistleblowing suit that the SEC successfully prosecutes, you stand to gain 10-30% reward for penalties exceeding one million.

Does this mean any lawyer can adequately represent you?
No. Given the sensitivity of the action, it is highly advisable that you only approach a SEC attorney with proven credentials and track record of successfully prosecuting the industry-related cases. That’s what Labaton Sucharow law firm offers. Under the leadership-p of a former Chief Litigation Counsel with the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, Jordan A. Thomas, the firm has set up an exclusive Practice focused on the protection and advocating of SEC whistleblowers.

Thomas is assisted by a team of elite in-house forensics accountants, investigators and financial analysts familiar with the security market operations. Under his leadership, the practice has a rich history of successfully advocating for high-level securities litigations. Additionally, the fact that Thomas was actively involved in the drafting and finalizing of the Whistleblower Program ensures you get unparalleled representation. The team is also well familiar with both local and international security trade laws and therefore doesn’t shy away from international cases.

What do you stand to gain by hiring a SEC whistleblower lawyer?
The Labatan Sucharow SEC whistleblower attorney guarantees your security from the first meeting. These mean that you will not be compelled to reveal personally identifying information during the initial consultation that is also free. Your attorney, backed up by the Act also guarantees protection from any form of retaliation by the employer or industry players.