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David McDonald Of OSI Group Has A Continuing Commitment To Company Growth:

From his humble roots growing up on an Iowa farm to his current role as a top executive for one of the world’s largest food processing and distribution company’s, David McDonald has never lost touch with the importance of family. This is an attribute that he has carried with him during his thirty plus year career working for global food giant OSI Group. David McDonald spent his college years in his home state at Iowa State University and earned a degree in animal science. His career in the food business started in 1987 when OSI gave him a project manager position. OSI Group was in a continuous cycle of global expansion and David was charged with the goal of growing the company’s presence in the Asian and Latin American markets. Today David has ascended to the position of President of OSI Group. He is also a sitting member of the company’s Board of Directors.

David McDonald has been spearheading some big expansion moves for OSI Group over the last couple of years. The company has never stopped expanding since its major efforts at global growth began in the 1970s but the last few years have been of particular note. OSI Group has seen big expansion efforts come to fulfilment in Europe, China and Australia over the last decade. David McDonald was beaming with pride at the opening of OSI Group’s recent opening of its tenth Chinese facility, an area that David worked in from very early on in his career with the firm. OSI added two outstanding food operations in Europe to the OSI family in 2016. Dutch operation Baho Food and British operation Flagship Europe were added to the OSI family of brands as they were both outstanding fits for the company and its processing strengths. OSI also made a massive upgrade to its operation in Toledo, Spain in order to ensure that a large boost in chicken production could become possible. Most recently, OSI Group acquired the Australian food company Turi Foods, a move which greatly expands the OSI Group market share in Australia.

On OSI’s home turf in the Chicago area, the company has also recently purchased a food processing operation that was formerly operated under the Tyson banner. It is yet another testament to David McDonald and OSI Group’s constant drive to be able to continue to provide its customers with the legendary OSI Group service.

David McDonald’s OSI Group info:

David McDonald Helped OSI Group Attain Its Share In The Chinese Mmarket

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and the President of OSI Group, LLC. He is a former project manager who served at OSI Industries. Currently, he holds the position of the Chairman of North American Meat Institute organisation.

He is among the members of the Board of Directors of OSI Group. He studied Animal Science at Iowa State University. He is an experienced expert in global businesses. He has helped in propelling OSI Group to higher heights making it an international producer and distributor of processed food.

OSI Group is a private corporation that deals in meat and food processing industry. It is a prominent corporation in the meat and food industry. OSI Group has various offices and stations in all continents throughout the globe. It offers multiple protein-rich products such as sandwiches, sausages, beef patties and pizza. OSI Group has distributed its 50 processing factories among the 17 countries where it has its facilities.

David McDonald cannot miss in any success discussion about OSI Group since he has always been at the centre of every development of OSI Group. He is the leader of the Group. He has led the operations of the group in the United States and also the international offices and enterprises.

He understands that international branches and enterprises operate under different government policies and cultures. Therefore, they can’t be managed from the same centre. As the leader of the whole business, David McDonald takes the initiative to ensure that every management body that is tasked with the control of a particular branch is in a position to understand, comply and put into exercises the government regulations of that location.

David helped OSI Group attain its share in the Chinese market. His efforts of ensuring development and expansion of the company have led to the establishment of ten facilities that are located in various places in China. This expansion happened within two decades of the company’s entrance into the Chinese Market. It is one of the most significant recent achievements of the company.

David understands that China has a high-growing economy and population and works on ensuring that OSI Group becomes the leading producer of processed meat and foods in the Country. Chinese have an excellent taste for OSI Group products. According to David, China citizens are getting wealthy daily making them change their tastes and preferences to higher products day by day. He, therefore, commend that China stands to be the best consumer of OSI Group’s products.

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