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Doe Deere

Doe Deere, founder of the makeup brand Lime Crime and fashion brand Poppyangeloff, is an amazing woman. Her story of overcoming her struggles, as a member of an immigrant family, is a great example for young girls. I believe the article, featured on the popular business media website,, was a compelling read. It was also a true testament of America’s unknown heroes. Homelessness, paperwork, and waiting in lines for meals may have been too much for many people who live in foreign countries and dream of moving to the United States. Doe and her family managed to persevere.

It is possible that if you are a foreigner and move to America, you can make it. Deere helps us to see, through her story, into the stories of the millions people who have migrated to the U.S. The article talks about her, her sister, and her mom facing difficult circumstances in order to be successful after they arrived. She discusses that for years, it was not easy and she highlights that somehow she still managed to succeed. Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere, was not only a success, but she is able to do miraculous things everyday. Deere shines like the creative entrepreneur that she is in the article. It does not hurt to mention that her featured photo is just as beautiful as her story of overcoming.

Deere makes a great point in the article when she reminds us all to remember a fact we’d possibly overlooked before. “Let’s remember that not all Americans start out as Americans,” she says. I believe that statement will linger in the readers minds and may help entrepreneurs to use broader thinking when developing new ideas. Deere has evoked a thought that I think many people will start to consider in their daily conversations and discussions. We are not all born here, yet we are here. Often, we share some of the same obstacles upon our journeys to success. This article really made me start to believe in the American Dream again. Doe Deere’s article in, embodies a shared American belief, that all of our hard work and effort can make America a great place to be.,999812.html#.W1iT-NVKjIU

Greece Is Facing True Economic Crisis

Just the other day, we all found out that Greece was in a state of economic crisis, and no one was allowed to take more than $66 a day from their bank accounts. Greece’s Economic Crisis. Many banks closed their doors because they had no cash to hand out to their limecrime customers. Unfortunately, even those who have pensions, they were not able to get the funds they were entitled to at the same time of the month they always pick it up.
The entire crisis has become world news because it may end up affecting the entire world. You may wonder how a small country on the other side of the world can affect anyone else, but it actually can. The country recently voted against furthering the European Union austerity measures, and they will now need better lending terms if they are going to continue functioning as their own nation. Unfortunately, if they don’t get the terms they’re looking for, they will have to resort to using their own currency.
Greece is staring down the barrel of a financial disaster, and they might even end up in bankruptcy as well. If the country ends up being bankrupt, the world markets will definitely be disrupted, and there’s no telling what can happen. Currently, some banks in Greece are reluctant to open their doors because they are not certain that they have enough money to give out to their customers.