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Equities First- French Tribune

Equities First-French Tribune have excellent loan options. The terms of the low rate loans have non-recourse options. The borrower will be able to select way to pay the loans back within three years. There are no hidden fees, or upfront cost to apply for the loan.Equities First-French Tribune has invested and provided loans for many businesses and individuals to bring financial relief. It’s a place where you can get help for your business, pay bills, or for any other emergencies that you many endure. The team of experts will be able to help you with a financial solution to make you smile.

The Realtor and Financier Todd Lubar

This man, Todd Lubar got into the real estate in the year 1995 and became successful. He made a decision that his life-long career was going to be in Real Estate. He decided that he was going to help as much as could the people who wanted to get into the real estate industry. In Crestar Mortgage Corporation he learned the mode of conservative Mortgage Planning and was a mental asset that guided him to success. He looked for connections with real estate agents, CPA’s, insurance agencies and financial planners that cemented the dream that he had in mind.

According to Hackronym, Todd in 1999 acquired an equity position with the big company, Legacy Financial Group and with this milestone it allowed him to expand his lending efforts that had a goal of giving other realtors money to realize their dream. In 2002 he made another bold step and opened the Legendary Properties, LLC that was a residential development company, and with the company, he enabled fast progression of buying, rehabilitating, selling and gaining from estates bought. They were single family houses or twenty-unit hosting many households. With this, he built strong relationships with people who were in the building industry and made new investors confident that they could make the best out of the assets they had and achieve goals on time and surpass people’s expectations. Big banks could credit them with the money of up to 20 million dollars. Visit Todd’s profile on Facebook.

In 2003 he formed Charter Funding that could directly give mortgages to people who wished to own houses. It was a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. He was able to expand his business at the same time, and help individuals acquire homes. With his transactions of over 7,000, he was able to see the ability that he had by analyzing and finding out the risks of the loan scenarios and Todd could now make the right decision after weighing options.

Todd Lubar has been constructive in amending laws in after recent changes in the industry and also other sectors in business. He is also recognized as the person who was involved in Automotive Scrap Metal recycling program that has increased his companies’ prominence.

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