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Jorge Moll founder of IDOR

Neuroscientist, and world class scientific researcher, Jorge Moll began his academic career at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994, where he earned his Doctor of Medicine in Neuroscience. Then Mr. Moll after graduation decided he should further his academic foundation by pursuing his residency at the Federal University, which he completed in 1998. Later, Jorge Moll would obtain his PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology in Sau Paulo, from the Sau Paulo Medical School University in 2004.

Dr. Jorge Moll, a native of Brazil, has always had dreams of improving the lives of his country through hard work and research. In 2010 Jorge Moll founded the D ‘Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). IDOR, is a nonprofit institute. IDOR, encourage scientific research in healthcare and increasing educational standards. IDOR, as an institution understands, to make technological advances, that will help mankind, education has to be integrated and seen as a part or foundation of the whole. Jorge is the President and Board Member if IDOR, he understands the important role collaboration plays in a successful research process. As part of Jorge Moll daily routine, he conducts or is a part of meetings and collaboration time among his fellow researchers, scientist and support staff, all in an effort for great scientific research.

Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman, another scientist wanted to discover if there is actual biological evidence to support the “warm glow giving” or “joy of giving”, feeling often experienced when humans sacrifice their needs to help someone else. In 1998, there was a study conducted by James Andreoni. James Andreoni was an economist who coined the phrase “warm glow giving” or “joy of giving” ( Turns out Moll, along with Grafman was able to discover, for the first time a biologically, measurable data to support the the “warm glow giving” or “joy of giving”.