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Tim Ioannides Saves Lives Through His Medical Dermatology Practice


Tim Ioannides went to School of Medicine in Miami University, where he graduated with a medical degree. He then undertook an internship program at the Health Science Center, Florida University in the School of Medicine. After he fulfilled the requirements set for medical professionals, he did his residency at Miami University, in the Cutaneous and Dermatology Surgery Department at a Memorial Hospital.


After achieving the milestones of his impressive career, he ventured into the private sector, at a Dermatology Center that dealt basically with cosmetic procedures. Dr. Tim Ioannides, however, felt that he needed to impact deeper on the lives of his clients and decided to undertake medically pushed dermatological procedures.


As a result, he started his own clinic whose mission whose to take an approach that was proactive towards healthcare, that involved skin conditions treatment, tumor removal, and skin cancer treatment. His practice was to serve three Counties namely-St. Lucie, Indian River, and Martin.


Tim Ioannides used his business savviness to ensure that Treasure Coast Dermatology, his clinic, provided strong correlations with patients. He also valued one on one communication with patients and ensured that their needs remained paramount in the whole process. As a result of the efficiency of the services he offered, his business spread over five more locations to this day.


What makes Treasure Coast Dermatology different is that it focuses on dermatology procedures that require medical attention; unlike most centers which deal with cosmetic procedures. Issues of dermatology that need medical solutions are usually severe, and Tim Ioannides is glad that he can pursue his passion professionally by treating cancers of the skins to enable patients to live better lives.


The trend that fascinates Tim Ioannides is the everchanging, progressing, and evolving medical environment. He feels grateful, lucky, and proud to witness the advancements that occur each day to save the lives of people literally. He is glad to be part of the positive change in the medical community that strives to advance our generation.


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