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TJ Maloney, a Man of Leadership and Integrity

TJ Maloney is the CEO and Chairman of Lincolnshire Management, Inc., a middle-market private equity investment company with offices in New York City and Chicago. Lincolnshire has a 33-year track record of making impeccable investments. The firm is known for its hands-on operational focus that has created value over the years.

TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire in 1993, after serving as intern CEO of Credentials. Maloney was a perfect fit with his previous experience as a merger, acquisition and securities lawyer in New York City.

Lincolnshire typically invests in acquisitions of private companies and recapitalizations. They do also invest in management buyouts and in companies that need money to grow their companies.

T J Maloney and his team of professionals look for companies that have strong management teams already in place. They also look for companies that have competitive advantages, have diversified customers and growth opportunities.

Lincolnshire is currently worth more than $1.7 billion dollars. They have made more than 85 acquisitions in the last 30 years.

Lincolnshire has a strong team of professionals that are passionate about finding new investment opportunities. TJ Maloney himself in on the Investment Committee and actively participates with the companies that are in their portfolio.

Maloney and his entire team work with management teams to find solutions to operational problems or other challenges they might be facing.

TJ Maloney has lectured extensively and has been asked to guest lecture at many universities. Maloney got his BA at Boston College. Then moved on to Fordham Law School to obtain his law degree, of which he received in 1979.

Maloney has served on the Board of Trustees for Boston College and Fordham University. He previously served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the United States. He was also on the Board of trustees of The Tilton School.

In 2007, TJ Maloney was honored to receive the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award for his high-moral standards as a leader in the corporate world.

It is no wonder that Lincolnshire has had so many successes with a leader like TJ Maloney at the helm as their leader.

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U.S. Money Reserve; Why an Economic Recession Is Inevitable

Being in business for more than ten years has put U.S. Money Reserve in a better position to keep the public updated about economic issues. The company recently stated that a recession was coming and warned consumers to be proactive when it comes to taking measures against the financial downturn.

The predictions are becoming more and more pronounces with each passing day because the country’s economy passed its 100th month of economic boom. Due to past economic cycles, a recession always occurs after the hundredth-month mark of economic growth is exceeded except for the boom that went on for 120 months. Read more: US Money Reserve | Biz Journals and US Money Reserve | Manta

With a recession expected to occur soon, most Wall Street players and people in government positions usually try to stop the depression from happening for as long as they can. Most financial firms would come up with specific strategies to delay the downturn a little bit longer. Interrupting the occurrence of a recession can lead to severe negative outcomes when it eventually occurs.

Additional Information

U.S. Money Reserve is a prominent private company in the precious metals industry that deals with distributing government-issued silver, platinum and gold coins. Its primary focus is to offer the best customer services and high-quality precious metals in the market.

Throughout the years, the company has been giving clients’ advice on the right precious metals to add to their portfolios. The company’s ability to create lo9ng-term connections with clients and winning their trust has led the firm to have an extensive network of over four hundred thousand clients who are satisfied with the services that they get.


U.S. Reserve has a team of professionals who help consumers to make decisions regarding silver, gold and platinum. The team is highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to financial freedom and public policies. The company consists of executives in all the areas including the department of inventory, the department of compliance and standards, the department of customer relations and the department of vault and shipping.

The team also comprises of experienced account executives, coin research experts, order verification personnel, and industry-leading numismatic professional. U.S. Money Reserve also has an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

The fact that U.S. Money Reserve is run by a former United States Mint director (Philip Diehl) puts it in a better position to provide quality and certified silver, gold and platinum coins produced by the United States Mint as well as backed by the government’s weight, purity and content standards.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco during the World Economic Forum

In a recent discussion with Luiz Carlos Trabuco, we had the opportunity to gain some insight he had on the economic situation of Brazil. We caught with Luiz in Switzerland in January during the World Economic Forum. The annual conference was founded in 1971 and presents a platform for business leaders and governments from around the world to collaborate and explore ways to leverage private and government resources. The 50 year banking and finance professional has been involved in many of Brazil’s economic centered discussions and circumstance his entire career. Joining Banco Bradesco in 1969, Luiz is responsible for many great things over his years with the firm. Over his long career, he has gained tremendous financial instincts and understands the complexity of the Brazilian economy. Visit the website to learn more Luis Carlos Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco revealed details possible overlooked by looking at the surface of the positive successes Brazil has experienced. Luiz pointed out these are only very short-term results and actually are expected during the phase the recovery is in currently. Luiz Carlos Trabuco spoke about the 2014 economic returns, and the jump in the GDP numbers are expected when considering just how bad the Brazilian economy had been up to that point. Trabuco noted we are in the infancy of a very long-term outlook, there are many things needed to sustain this growth.

The current Chief Executive Officer, Luiz Carlos Trabuco says there is a dire need to control government spending. He pointed to the lack of economic responsibility by the Brazilian government is the reason the economy had become so damaged. Luiz said there needs to more accountability for the government to prove it’s ability to pay the debt. With the implementation of more financial checks and balances to the government, and the need for more time to assess the economic results will be a true test of where the economy truly is. Read this article at

Luis recently stepped down as president, a position he held since 2009 and introduced Octavio De Lazari Junior as the 5th and new president to lead Bradesco. Octavio’s promotion was announced during the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) meeting in March.


What the US Money Reserve Does to Help Their Clients

The US Money Reserve goes above and beyond for all the customers they have. They aren’t afraid to give customers the special help they need and they know their customers will get the best experiences no matter what they do. For everyone who is a part of the company, they can keep doing things the right way and can keep making sure they’re offering the most positive experiences possible.

It is everything they know how to do and everything they can use to take advantage of the positive options on their own. Between the hard work they put into things and the experiences people can make of them, they know what they need to do. Read more: US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire and  US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

After the US Money Reserve made sure they were helping people, they felt good about the experiences they had. They also felt things would continue getting better because of the way they did business.

Thanks to the hard work they put into the company, people could now see they had other options. Before the US Money Reserve started offering the coin collecting options they have, people had to rely on different companies to get more out of the things that were going on. It was their way of doing things.

By the time the company started showing others the right options they could use on their own, they knew what would get better. They also knew things were better for everyone who had them.

While the company continued offering these options to others, they knew there were things that would happen to them. It was their goal of helping that allowed other people the chance to see what would get better. For everyone who was a part of the company, people could see they were doing things the right way.  Connect with US Money Reverse on LinkedIn

Between their opportunities and the things they did with these opportunities, everyone knew there were positive experiences that would come from the business. They also knew the experiences everyone would use would make things easier on the people who tried things. For the company to do this, they had to make sure things were getting better.

They also had to show others there were positive options they could use on their own. It was their ability that allowed them the chance to do everything that would help them.

Customers saw the positive experiences that came from working with the US  Reserve to get the options they needed.