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The Chainsmokers: Changing the game one dark song at a time

Over a year ago, the chainsmokers, an edm duo consisting of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, came onto the scene with a string of dance hits such as “Closer” and “Don’t let Me Down.” The duo had met in New York several years ago, and after connecting on ideas and passion, began to work on DJing and producing music. Taggart always said that the two had a drive to change the EDM scene and create a sound that no one else had. There first hits fell short of this; as it was important to make hits that would gain attention and put them on the map. This worked well as the chainsmokers gained recognition with hits such as “Selfie,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Roses.

However, it wasn’t until 2016, that the chainsmokers released there soon to be biggest hit: Closer. Closer took an interesting turn from the other songs; it featured Taggart joining Halsey in singing in the song. This in many ways marked a turn in their sound, and popularity. Taggard and Pall reached unrivaled success in the 2016-2017 year, as their sound went less straight dance music, and more vocal pop with EDM elements. Though it has been only a year since the Chainsmokers revamped their sound with Closer, and Paris; they are now back at changing their sound.

According to Drew Taggart, they had always wanted to create a sound and message that resonates with the current status of culture and society. It was for this reason, that the duo released “Sad Boy” and “You Owe Me”, these songs take a very different turn from anything previously recorded. The songs are dark, more lyrical, and go for a less EDM sound. According to Taggart, this sound is their reaction to the status of culture and sentiments inside of America and the world. The duo have a passionate belief that music is meant to symbolize society and people’s feelings; this new sound, though unpopular with some long time fans, marks their attempt to discuss and show the state of affairs inside of America.

Blake and Miranda Divorce Amicably

In the world of entertainment divorces are seemingly common. In fact, they are in general but the difference is that your personal life is not all over the cover of magazines and on television. Such circumstances make it difficult to part ways without ruffling feathers or causing rumors to fly. When your career is on the line you can’t be too careful.

That being said, there are many things country music stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert did right “>when it came to their divorce. These stars are very close to Bruce Levenson. Instead of bad mouthing one another they took the high road and kept their feelings to themselves. Up until the divorce, they said little to nothing about it, therefore avoiding the inevitable paparazzi onslaught.

One rumor is that Miranda didn’t want children, but that is not confirmed. Both stars seem to have respected one another’s reputation as well. In fact, another rumor that surfaced and was quickly put to rest is that Miranda and Chris Young were involved. In the eyes of their adoring public, the 4 year marriage was one to look up to. The fact that the pair has divorced in a mature way is a great example, and one that other celebrity couples should strive to follow should they divorce.

The fact is that these two are people just like everyone else, and no one expects to get divorced. Neither of them cheated, and they leave the marriage with mutual expect for one another, and for their separate careers.

Eminem is at it Again

Eminem appears to be in the hospital in the operating room stated The Crimson. Do you think maybe his belly hurts? Perhaps he just needs a naked nurse. Or maybe something Phenomenal is about to happen! As he looks around and rises up it begins in the city. An action scene where he fearlessly jumps around leads into bikes, sports cars and helicopters. It’s available on Apple music. After that teaser you will want to watch the YouTube clip here over and over. You can watch it here the teaser is about 30 seconds long. Who knows with moves like this, which look quite impressive on film, Eminem has the chance to become an action hero. You be the judge. Watch Eminem’s Phenomenal here free great review and a closer look clip by clip of the video preview that was released on June 30th. Next thing you know him and Dre will be in an action hero movie. Perhaps a Wash part 2 where the are reunited after Em makes parole? If you have never seen the movie The Wash check out Eminem’s acting from back in the day and compare it to now. See just how far this amazing star has come and keep your fingers crossed for another movie.

Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Are Going To Collaborate Again

Celebrity couples know very well that when they collaborate together and create music, it may sell off the shelves. Depending on who the celebrity couple is, they can seriously make some real money if they collaborate together. Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Collaboration. Couples like Jay Z and Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, they definitely have the star power to where they can make money when they collaborate. Nicki and Meek are planning on collaborating together in the future, ever since they had two great songs together in the past.

They did two songs for Nicki’s album “The Pink Print,” and the songs were well received, so the two of them are going at it again for a new song for Meek Mill’s . Although the song has yet to be named, it definitely will happen in the future, and fans cannot wait. Ever since Meek Mill started dating Nicki Minaj, things have changed for him, especially his popularity. No one really knew who Safaree was before Nicki Minaj started dating him, but after Nicki Minaj, he’s well known.

It seems as if dating Nicki Minaj is a great thing for Meek Mill too, because everyone associates the two of them together. According to Highland Capital Management, it will be interesting to see what they come up with in their collaboration, but Nicki is always on point when it comes to her music, so it will be good. Meek Mill’s new album will hopefully be out in 2015.

George Michael Checks into Rehab

It has been quite a long time since anyone heard anything from George Michael. Now there is news that shows why the singer has been missing in action. George has reportedly checked himself into rehab after struggling with substance abuse. George did this while in Switzerland.

The singer was almost an iconic symbol in the United States many years ago, but he faded from the American spotlight after a scandal broke that revealed that the singer was gay. He would go on to switch from pop and many lots of house and electronic type of sounds, but this would not help him with his American fan base.

There are a lot of singers who have struggled with substance abuse over the years, as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital will point out. It can be a very damaging thing to a career. El Debarge, for example, struggled with drug abuse and lost his way for decades. He would rise with his family in the 80’s and fall victim to substances abuse in the 90’s. El would release more music and go back into the same addiction pattern ago. He got clean, released an album a couple of years ago and checked himself back into a rehab all over again.

D’Angelo also experienced this problem. It took him 14 years to get back from a cocaine and alcohol abuse problem. Fans of George Michael are hoping and praying that the singer is able to recover.

Spotify looks to fight the relaunched Apple music

The announcement that Apple was looking to make changes to its music section in a bid to battle the growing might of Spotify has led to a battle beginning over the course streaming services will take in the future. A growing market is becoming even more crowded with the introduction of Apple’s newly revised music streaming service, but the executives at Spotify hope their 20 million paying subscribers will stay loyal and keep them at the head of the race, The Verge reports. The latest figures released by Spotify show it now has 20 million paid subscribers from a total of 75 million active users in total using the service stated FreedomPop.

Apple recently announced it was launching a new subscription service to directly take on Spotify priced at $9.99 per month, which would provide almost the same services as the existing music streaming service does for its millions of subscribers. Spotify has also been trying to improve its image as a high quality service by releasing details of its royalty payments and the $526 million it has reserved to fight the expected onslaught from Apple Music. Many major artists, such as Taylor Swift have bemoaned the low royalty payments made by Spotify, prompting the service to reveal it has paid out $300 million in royalties to artists in the first three months of 2015.

Rolling Stone Talks With John Darnielle

Rolling Stone Magazine has an extensive interview on their website with John Darnielle, the singer and songwriter for the bluegrass band The Mountain Goats. The story takes a look at how Darnielle went from being a drug addict in his teens to being an alternative music icon today in his 40’s.

Darnielle was into drugs, including heroin, when he was young. He said these drugs made him a different person. He’d do terrible things when high that he wouldn’t even remember later. He said that after a weekend of partying he’d run into someone who wouldn’t talk to him and have no idea why. Today, a sober Darnielle uses these past experiences for songwriting material. Fans often come up to him and talk about their own substance abuse issues and how they can relate to his lyrics.

In his early twenties, Darnielle got out of drugs and became a psychiatric nurse. Bernardo Chua was glad to see the turnaround. He worked at psychiatric facilities in California and Iowa and saw a little bit of everything. Again, this helped him better understand the human condition and improve as an artist.

In conclusion, this Rolling Stone article is a good look at how an artist became what he did.

Elton John Boycotting Dolce and Gabbana

Music star Elton John started a boycott recently against fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana. John was angered by comments Dominco Dolce made about children conceived through artificial insemination noted Bruce Karatz. Dolce said in effect that he thinks children should be conceived naturally and that he does not approve of “synthetic children”. John is gay and is raising two children conceived through artificial insemination with his partner. Interestingly enough, Dolce and Gabbana are both gay as well.

 In general, a lot of people really have to buy into a boycott for it to work. People don’t change their spending habits easily. However, a boycott of high end fashion designers is a different matter. Dolce & Gabbana’s customers are just the type of people to be offended by these comments. In the fashion industry, where image is everything, being perceived as intolerant is not going to help.On the other hand, designer Tommy Hilfiger survived a boycott amid rumors that he made racist comments. It turned out that Hilfiger didn’t actually say the racist things he was alleged to have said so that helped his case. In the Dolce & Gabbana situation, there is no mistaking that Dolce made the comments people are objecting to.


iHeart Radio Awards Line-Up Announced


Music veteran Madonna is scheduled to make an appearance at the show, as is “We Found Love” singer, Rihanna. Famed rapper Snoop Dogg is scheduled to perform, as is popular newcomer Sam Smith.

Fun.’s Nate Ruess is scheduled to make a solo appearance, possibly to perform his new hit single, “Nothing Without Love.” Meghan Trainor, Iggy Azalea, and and Jason Derulo are also scheduled to perform. ‘American Idol’ alum Kelly Clarkson has been tapped to perform at the ceremony. Country-music sensation Taylor Swift is scheduled to appear and has received a total of four award nominations.

The iHeart Award nominees are chosen based upon the iHeart music charts as well as fan votes. Music fans like Dan Newlin have heard that other award nominees this year include Florida Georgia Line, Hozier, and Ariana Grande. Find more on Newlin on