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The woman behind the success of JayZ’s Roc Nation

JayZ is one of the most famous rap musicians in the industry. However, he has risen to his position of power mainly because in addition to his rapping and musical skills, he is also a great entrepreneur. He says that one of the things h realized when he got to the business was that there weren’t many people willing to offer a chance to an up and coming talented person and in the process; a lot of talent goes to waste. The idea behind Roc Nation was to bridge this gap and now, a decade after the company was started, it is safe to say that it has been very successful in its mandate.  Check for additional article.

The success of Roc nation couldn’t have been possible without the assistance of Dez Perez. She has taken part in all the main strategic moves by the company. Today, the company manages some of the Musical icons such as Rihanna, Big Sean, Santigold and Shakira among others. The company now handles businesses such as booking concert, taking the music of rising stars to the listeners, and selling the music records on behalf of the stars. It is their determination that changed little known names such as Robyn Fenty into the phenomenon that is Rihanna currently.  Refer to for related news.

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Desiree Perez has been with the company since it was started. She has been the CEO for the past nine years and has been the force behind most of the success. One of the latest deals that the company has made possible is the introduction of tidal. The quality that made JAZ pick Dez for the job is the fact that she is a very tough negotiator. She has been providing creative direction to the company for long and was recently brought on board the management of Roc Nation Sports. She is a very phenomenal woman.  More to read on

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Some Of The Large Music Industry Deals that Desiree Perez Has Negotiated

The 10 year recorded-music deal that artist Jay Z signed with Live Nation is slated to come to a close in 2018. Due to this, Jay Z is in talks with the executives of other music industry companies to gauge their interest in buying a stake in his recorded-music business. The deal he signed with Live Nation, which is worth $150 million, incorporated a “buy-sell” clause which means that either Jay Z or Live Nation can either sell their interest in Roc Nation to the other party or purchase the entire company as an option as well. For more of this, click on

While Live Nation plans to continue partnering with Jay Z’s musical tours, they have chosen to exit the recorded-music business side of Roc Nation. It was decided by the management team of Live Nation that from now on they would focus on putting on tours and exit the business of buying artist rights and recorded music.

The negotiations between Jay Z and Live Nation are being partially handled by Desiree Perez, an executive at Roc Nation and longtime business partner of Jay Z. She had met with the CEO and Chairman of Universal Music among other contending companies that want to partner with the company on future recorded music deals. In addition to Jay Z, other artists that work through Roc Nation includes Fat Joe, Shakira, and Rihanna.  Hit on for additional reading.

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Desiree Perez has worked with Jay Z for several years on multiple projects and companies in the music industry.  Read more about Dez on  One project involved Jay Z’s wife, Beyoncé, for whom she handled the negotiations for the Beyoncé Formation tour. Perez also played a significant role in the deal that was struck between Samsung and Rihanna and from which both have profited very well. Desiree Perez is a founding member of the Hova Circle of Influence which has played a large role in the music industry since its foundation.

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Why Desiree Perez Gets Referred to as ‘Babe Ruthless’ By the NYT

Tidal is a music streaming app backed by the Hip Hop artist and business mogul, Jay-Z. Starting out, no one thought the company would succeed. After all, it faced stiff competition from established brands like Apple. In time, however, they began attracting the industry bigwigs, and the rest as they story goes history.

Why Desiree Perez Gets Referred to as ‘Babe Ruthless’ By the NYT

Rihanna, Kanye West, T.I and Beyoncé are the pioneering artists to put their music on this particular platform. Kanye’s latest album was instrumental in turning around this venture. His last album titled, The Life of Pablo, TLOP, succeeded in drawing in up to a million new subscribers to Tidal’s database. These million people signed up in anticipation to Mr. West’s album which unfortunately failed to make the massive splash and impact it was expected to by many industry insiders.  See

Trouble at Tidal

After the departure of the top management at Tidal, everyone, Jay-Z included, feared the worst. That was not the case, however. After high-level managers like Jeff Toig, a former top-ranking executive at SoundCloud fell out with the company. It is Desiree Perez who helped hold the billion dollar startup together. Desiree is no stranger to the music industry. No, on the stark contrary, the lady and the husband have been working closely with Jay-Z for the last 20 years. The husband, Juan Perez runs Roc Nation Sports.

Desiree’s Roles

Desiree is a force worth reckoning with. She never backs down from expressing herself in nothing less than clear terms. Without her negotiation skills, Rihanna would never have scored that Samsung advertising deal and Beyoncé, the Queen, would not have performed her electric shows at the Formation stadium tours. Desiree’s team includes Jay Brown, Ty Ty Smith, Chaka Pilgrim and Jana Fleischman.  More of this on

Unique Strategy by Tidal

In a bid to outdo their main competitors like Spotify and Apple Music, Tidal has come up with a different approach. Their approach is that instead of the users getting to pay to have old music, they only get introduced to new and upcoming releases. Their strategy is aimed at ensuring consumers spend less.  Check