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Boraie Development – Partnering up with an NBA Superstar for the Welfare of Newark

Everyone dreams of living in a place that is perfect for their wants and need. A place that is in a prime area, near to all the facilities that you need like grocery stores, recreational areas, hospitals, medical institutes, educational institutes, schools, parks, emergency facilities like fire stations, and police stations. Everyone dreams to live in a quiet, interactive, healthy neighborhood that is secure and safe.

One of the best living institute developers is Boraie Development LLC – and they are based on Newark, New Jersey. And they are focused on the best caliber of Real Estate Development, Sales and Marketing, and Property Management. Boraie Development LLC is dedicated to providing, producing and building picturesque and striking properties for their clients and they provide the best service for their pool of clients.

Boraie LLC has been working and collaborating with the best and the strongest financial institutions, designers, engineers and architects that help them build the absolute best real estate properties and their contractors understand that punctuality and time-constraint due to deadlines are absolutely critical to the completion and success of their delivery to their clients.

Moving forward and moving onward, Boraie Development LLC is now collaborating with National Basketball Association’s Hall of Famer, Newark local, Shaquille O’Neal. They are now in the works of building institutions and real estate that will serve Shaq’s hometown. They have been in the works to convert an old, abandoned theater on one of their avenues into CityPlex12 Newark – and this has cost them a total amount of 7 million dollars. And the joint venture is not stopping there between the basketball superstar and the New Jersey developer.

Only better days and brighter days are in the future of the venture of Mr. O’Neal and Boraie Development LLC – and they only have the best interests of developing the best real estate facilities in their neighborhood. And not only that, the partnership is also focused particularly on uplifting the more stressed and depressed areas of the community, and lifting them up in a more safer environment and bringing more development in the housing available. They are not only a business, but they are a business that cares for the people of the neighborhood.

Boraie Development has been in the business for 30 (thirty) years now, and they proven their reliability and consistency in excellence in the business. Which makes them one of the most sought after real estate development companies in New Jersey, and tomorrow the world.