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Jeremy Goldstein Talks About his Successful Career

Jeremy Goldstein is a highly successful lawyer in New York. His area of expertise is acquisitions and company mergers. He has worked with some of the largest companies in the world. He has attended some of the most prestigious colleges in the world including Cornell, the University of Chicago and NYU. He is also heavily involved in philanthropic work in the New York area and around the world.


Goldstein has some unique approaches to his work. While many lawyers have a very dry relationship to their clients, Goldstein likes to meet with them in social situations in order to get to know them better. That often means meeting with them outside of the office. One way he meets new clients is through referrals. It is the way in which he got his very first client. Goldstein’s success comes in many forms. He is not solely focused on money, and he judges his success on other long term goals.


While he has found great success, when he first started out he was often filled with doubt if he was doing the best he could. Goldstein channeled that doubt into focus, and he realized that every stressful situation would help him grow as a lawyer and a person.

Goldstein is also involved with his charity work. He has recently hosted events for Fountain House. It is a charity that started in New York but is now found around the world. It helps people with mental illness become productive members in their communities. It has an enormous success rate.


Goldstein also gives talks to his peers, and one book he would recommend for those who want to give public speeches is Chip and Dan Health’s book called Made to Stick. It helps people get through to their audience. Goldstein is also always looking for new ways in the world of technology to help him as a lawyer. That includes the latest software. One of the things he is now using is Ragic which helps keep track of client data.


Through his long career, Goldstein knows that unique approaches are often required, and he makes sure that he is always at the forefront of any new methods of practicing law.


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