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White Shark Media Reviews all Customer Feedback to Create Better Services

White Shark Media is an online search marketing agency that has offices in the United States, Denmark and Central America. The company was founded in 2010. Today, White Shark Media has grown to become one of the premier online marketing firms offering services to over 600 active clients. The firm employs about 144 fulltime employees and enjoys a client retention rate of 8-10 percent. It is run by Gary Garth as the CEO and Andrew Lolk as the Chief Marketing Officer.

As a digital marketing agency, White Shark Media, provides Adwords Management services, Web Services and SEO reviews to small and medium businesses. The company is keen on growing all its customers’ awareness around the globe. It has a lot of experience in e-commerce and Shopify platform. Due to their great services, the company enjoys relatively high customer retention rates.

Client Reviews

Any business must receive both positive and negative reviews at one point in time. It is these views that allow the business to know how it is performing and what areas it needs to improve on. White Shark Media has an active online presence and welcomes all reviews from clients. The company takes all the reviews it gets seriously and looks into them to ensure that it continuously improves its services.

The aim of the company is to attract more business and retain the current clients that is has. Since its inception in 2010, the firm has gotten many compliments from satisfied clients. In the same period, it has maturely received and worked on complaints in a bid to move forward constructively. Additionally, it has maintained a high level of professionalism all through.

Improved Effective Communication

White Shark Media has put a lot of emphasis on excellent communication among staff members, with clients and the general public. As a marketing firm and consultancy agency, effective communication is very important to the company. The company ensures that new clients understand how all their products work. In addition, current clients are personally informed about new campaigns and how they work. This has helped to reduce confusion and create transparency in all its product offerings.

The firm has scheduled monthly communication using GoTomeeting. This is an online conferencing tool that allows the company to communicate with clients while reviewing reports and AdWords accounts with them. This has been highly appreciated by older clients.

The company has created a direct extension phone system that has allowed clients to directly communicate with their contact person. Upon signing up, clients are given the contact information of their contact person and their immediate supervisor. White Shark Media has continued to improve on its communication and services to ensure it remains on top of its game.