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Realreal Consignment and It’s Positive Environmental Factors Delivered Right To Customers

The Realreal is a lucrative, San Francisco based company that focuses on authenticated high-end items such as clothes and jewelry for men and women. They have recently acquired 50 million dollars in growth funding from the private equity funding firm, Great Hill Partners. The Realreal employs over 800 people and is setting out to increase their physical stores to generate more revenue. They have already opened stores in San Francisco, New York, L.A and Chicago where consignors can have their items evaluated in person. 80 percent of the shoppers on their site are women, and men buy mostly watches and leather. For every 4 buyers, one is a consignor and half of all the consignors end up buying products on the site.

Realreal recently had a valuation at 1 billion dollars and have started focusing on yearly emails to customers explaining how much money they have saved and how their shopping habits with them have decreased their carbon footprint. They get full reports on how much money they saved by renting or buying something pre-owned. They also get data on how much water and gas they saved by buying something that was already made rather than buying something that was brand new. These tools are increasing customer retention and keeping them loyal to the company. In these reports, they also include levels of green house gas emissions saved and over all energy saved. The mail goal of these tools is to increase customer awareness and the impacts certain decisions have on the Earth. Their customers have directly told them that the environmental factors are what keeps them loyal to the company, and for the first time they are beginning to quantify those impacts and communicate them to their consumers.

Consigning can be fun, and Realreal makes it less time consuming by offering already authenticated items, and providing customers with in depth knowledge on their choices and what impact those choices have.

David Zalik, Entrepreneurial Story

David Zalik is the newest legend up in the history books when it comes down to how he was and how he came to be the fiscal owner of the company that has helped thousands and hundreds of people with their financial networks within the vicinity of credit and loans. David Zalik is a determined and ambitious individual who saw the opportunities in his life when it came to newer heights inside of the financial industry. He was raised and accustomed to the life where freedom was a pipedream. David Zalik’s father lived in Argentina and his mother along with her whole side of the family were fleeing from oppressions where communism was the norm and freedom was the pipe dream so sought after by the people who wonder what it’s like to be abale to start a business with no negative repercussions. When David Zalik‘s parents met he was conceived and born in Israel where he grew up as a child until he was about four years of age. That was when they all moved to America where David Zalik spent the rest of his adolescent years at. In those years hid dad took a job as a professor at Auburn, and David Zalik began studying math text books from a very young age and then somehow passed the SATS at the age of thirteen which is when he began his venture into college where his father worked. He would ride his bike to and fro between his school and his house to attend college full time. David Zalik did not mind the whole age gap because he was an introverted individual anyways, but developed an entrepreneurial spirit that was motivated by the prospect of dating people older than him. Because of this, David Zalik developed a computer company and made it a twenty man team at the age of twenty two and sold it then at two to three million dollars. There is no doubt that the story that David Zalik created so far in his life has done nothing but inspire those who hunger to create products and services in the form of business systems.

A Review of White Shark Media’s Online Marketing Solutions

The secret to a successive business marketing campaign lies in the online efforts. Majority of clients are online based and the best way to reach them is by employing effective online marketing campaign strategies. This means hiring the best online marketing agency. White Shark Media has a long standing reputation of delivering the best marketing solutions to businesses around the globe.

About White Shark Media

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media is a pace setting digital marketing brand. Their marketing solutions are tailored to particularly meet the need of both small and average enterprises. Their market dominance extends beyond America to all corners of the world. The corporation was founded on the basis of providing world class digital marketing solution to its clients. The company’s impressive success is built on the following merits:

  1. a) Cost Effective Marketing Campaigns

Following its global eye, White Shark Media focuses on the delivery of price-appropriate marketing options to its customers. Thousands of companies in America have gained massive growth by employing White Shark’s marketing tactics and software.

  1. b) Marketing Tracking Campaigns

The company’s marketing trust is built mainly on this pillar. The online marketing options to help you include:

  • Keywords and Adwords tracking
  • Competitive intelligence services
  • Reporting software
  • Google market analysis

With the options, the brand guarantees accountability for the services and results. There is so much to gain by hiring White Shark Media services.

  1. c) Product promotional Campaigns

The beauty of the brand lies in the diversity of its marketing campaigns. The staffs at White Shark Media are supplied with the trendiest market driven options. There is so much to enjoy here, and common market campaigns include:

  • SEM Evaluations
  • PPC Evaluation
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Enterprise Management

The Pay per Click (PPC) market options enables your online store to increase its market revenue through site visitations and clicks from the site visitors.

  1. d) Great Partnership

The company’s rapid growth was recognized by Google. In 2012, Google extended a partnership hand to White Shark Media, and this resulted in them being offered the Google Adword Partnership Award. This was to appreciate the brand’s impressive marketing solutions on Google. The platform also allows you to earn as a partner if you refer friends to the brand.


On the online marketing front, White Shark Media is the best in the region. The software campaign options are market-driven and cost effective. If you are looking for the best online marketing company, you should consider them.

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