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Bernardo Chua: Bringing Health To The World One Cup At A Time

Bernardo Chua is a world class salesman, renowned businessman and the founder of Organo. Organo was founded by Bernardo and co-founder Shane Morand in 2008 under the name Organo Gold, but was rebranded to Organo in 2015. The company’s product line includes coffee and tea beverages that are enhanced with ganoderma lucidum, a potent mushroom that enhances the immune system

. Other product lines include supplements enriched with the mushroom including spore powder and grapeseed supplement. His tooth paste line and beauty soap are enriched with ganoderma lucidum as well.

The success of Organo can be directly attributed to Bernardo Chua. He realized early in his career that direct sales was the best way to bring his products to the market and to build a profitable business. Organo’s business model is a multi-level marketing company and is operating in over 50 countries.

The company’s headquarters are in Canada and has over one million distributors worldwide. Organo was named as the 55th largest selling company in the world by Direct Selling News in 2013.

Prior to Bernardo Chua establishing Organo, he was the co-founder and general manager for Gano Excel Philippines. In 1999, he took charge of Gano Excel’s Operations infrastructure, and held this position for nine years. Beginning in 2003, he took on the dual role as President of Gano Excel U.S.A. division until 2008.

Bernardo was born in the Philippines and studied the benefits ganoderma lucidum under his mentor and founder of Gano Excel Malaysia Leow Soon Seng.

Bernardo is a philanthropist who wants to see people thrive. OG Cares is a non-profit foundation created by Organo. OG Cares helps youth gain useful skills by giving them access to training, tools and other needed resources to help them be successful.

Bernardo brings his passion for prosperity to the world by helping to support children in need and by supporting his Organo sales force.

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