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What helps OSI Group to meet customers’ needs day-in-day-out?

Since Otto Kolchowsky opened a butcher shop in the suburbs of Chicago more than hundred years ago, one this has remained steadfast for the privately held business-its resolute dedication to customer service. OSI Group has built a reputation for building their entire business around their customers.

OSI Group’s products are designed for a select group of customers, which makes it easier for the company to understand their needs. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of the company and his team have perfected the art of building deep relationships with customer. This has led to the creation of a winning partnership mindset for both customers and the company.

OSI Group understands that winning partnerships alone cannot build an international brand. That’s why the global meat processor has been engaged in a series of acquisitions around the globe. Furthermore, they opened a new culinary innovation center purely for new product development.

OSI Group takes product development seriously, and it is one of the reasons the company has stayed afloat for more than a century. Their product development team includes experts, suppliers, and customers who offer valuable input to the company.

In 2013, the chairman and CEO of OSI Group launched the supply chain global trading platform. This is one of the most agile global supply chains that enable the company to source materials and distribute their products to their customers spread across 16 nations outside of the U.S. The robust supply chain platform even earned the company the title “Refrigerated Foods Processor of the Year” in 2014.

A full package of food solutions

OSI is the currently the leading processor of hot dogs, dried sausage, lunch meat, sauces, dips, poultry products, bacon, alongside many other healthy and nutritious food items. They produce their products on an as-needed basis, which allows for customization and a lot of flexibility.

Taking competition heads-on

Since its establishment in 1909, OSI has been known to grab the bull by the horns. They stay ahead of their competitors by implementing new processing standards and installing high-tech equipment in their processing facilities. Over the last few years, OSI has focused on re-organizing their organization to offer the speed and flexibility needed to survive the cut-throat competition.

To keep up with the competition, OSI opened a new Culinary Innovation Center (CIC) in 2011. This facility hosts food scientists and expert chefs whose work is to develop new food products that meet the demands of the modern-day consumer.

Sheldon Lavin Continues To Work On Growing His Company

Sheldon Lavin did not start his life with a lot of money or with a known future in front of him but he worked his way to being a successful life as a businessman. This man helped to take a company that has been around for a long time and make that company grow into something amazing. The work that he has done for OSI Group while serving as its CEO is impressive, and he continues to help that company grow. He has great plans for the future of this company, and he is someone who is set up well to actually make those plans work out.

Food safety is important when it comes to the success of a company that deals with food, and Sheldon Lavin is someone who is focused on food safety. His focus on this issue may have helped OSI Group find the success that it has found. Green practices and a focus on sustainability can help a company receive positive attention and do well. Being green is important to OSI Group and its CEO. Sheldon Lavin is using strategic marketing, along with a focus on food safety and green living, to help OSI Group grow and expand.

Sheldon Lavin has been with OSI Group for more than forty years. He has dedicated much of his life to this company and its search for success. He was the man who helped this company reach across the globe, and without him the company would not be where it is at today. When he became a partner at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin knew that he needed to start helping the company even more than he was helping it before. He knew that he wanted the company to grow and expand its reach, and he is still working on helping it in that regard.

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OSI Group Powers Growth With Technology

OSI Group is a global food processor that has a remarkable history behind it as well as a cutting-edge reliance on technology to power results. The depth of resources that the company brings to bear on any project is impressive. They have a strong capacity for food production as well as a significant roster of culinary experts for the creation of new dishes. They have used strategic acquisitions in an expansion effort that has paid off handsomely.

OSI Group now operates in 17 countries with approximately 20,000 employees. They also maintain and utilize 65 facilities which give them an entrepreneurial agility. Their methods also include state of the art logistics chains and the establishment of key partnerships.

The fascinating history of OSI Group dates back to 1909 when they were a corner butcher shop and meat market in Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky was a recently arrived immigrant from Germany and their founder. He found success in serving the local residents many of whom were also from Germany and looking to build new lives in the land of opportunity.

The first expansion was near the end of World War I when Kolschowsky went into wholesale meats. His sons also joined him in the business and in 1928 they became Otto & Sons. For several decades they operated in this way as a valued part of the local business community.

Destiny had a different plan for Otto & Sons when they encountered Ray Kroc of McDonald’s who was searching for a meat supplier. The first franchise location was to be in Des Plaines, Illinois. This historical relationship began in 1955 when both companies were family-owned businesses on a small scale.

The wild success of the franchise restaurant model caused both companies to grow at an accelerated rate. They prospered together as a unique example of American business history. Who knew what a handshake agreement could lead to?

Otto & Sons took advantage of a technological improvement to expand their business with McDonald’s. They used flash freezing which enabled them to transport burgers a great distance and allowed them to supply more chain restaurants. By 1973, they had devoted an entire production plant to McDonald’s and continued as one of only four suppliers. In 1975, they changed their name to OSI Group.

Today, the company continues its tradition of expansion and innovation with technology. Their growth has been strategic and sustainable with excellent programs in place to keep the environment clean.

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David McDonald Of OSI Group Has A Continuing Commitment To Company Growth:

From his humble roots growing up on an Iowa farm to his current role as a top executive for one of the world’s largest food processing and distribution company’s, David McDonald has never lost touch with the importance of family. This is an attribute that he has carried with him during his thirty plus year career working for global food giant OSI Group. David McDonald spent his college years in his home state at Iowa State University and earned a degree in animal science. His career in the food business started in 1987 when OSI gave him a project manager position. OSI Group was in a continuous cycle of global expansion and David was charged with the goal of growing the company’s presence in the Asian and Latin American markets. Today David has ascended to the position of President of OSI Group. He is also a sitting member of the company’s Board of Directors.

David McDonald has been spearheading some big expansion moves for OSI Group over the last couple of years. The company has never stopped expanding since its major efforts at global growth began in the 1970s but the last few years have been of particular note. OSI Group has seen big expansion efforts come to fulfilment in Europe, China and Australia over the last decade. David McDonald was beaming with pride at the opening of OSI Group’s recent opening of its tenth Chinese facility, an area that David worked in from very early on in his career with the firm. OSI added two outstanding food operations in Europe to the OSI family in 2016. Dutch operation Baho Food and British operation Flagship Europe were added to the OSI family of brands as they were both outstanding fits for the company and its processing strengths. OSI also made a massive upgrade to its operation in Toledo, Spain in order to ensure that a large boost in chicken production could become possible. Most recently, OSI Group acquired the Australian food company Turi Foods, a move which greatly expands the OSI Group market share in Australia.

On OSI’s home turf in the Chicago area, the company has also recently purchased a food processing operation that was formerly operated under the Tyson banner. It is yet another testament to David McDonald and OSI Group’s constant drive to be able to continue to provide its customers with the legendary OSI Group service.

David McDonald’s OSI Group info:

OSI Group has Appetite for Growth

According to the article on the News Version, the OSI Group is continuing to grow its multibillion-dollar status in the industry of food manufacturing with acquisitions of other food companies aligning well with the values and goals of the company. As a world leader, the company provides quality products and custom solutions for retail brands and food service. The productivity of OSI in 2016 alone shows the company’s emphasis on growth with a total of seven new facilities for production and processing worldwide.

OSI Group president, David McDonald explained, saying that he acknowledges the appetite of the company for growth not just in capacity. OSI product development is offering more to customers. By partnering with its customers on products that could help them expand their business, OSI Group is encouraging its suppliers to assist them to achieve increased sales. The company partnering method is giving demanding consumers more alternatives to getting what they need, including organic and natural foods, plus the potion of selecting premium specialties versus the ones that are hardly affordable.

McDonald credited the CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, with pushing the organization to create the energy, making it grow, provide more food choices, and becoming more significant to clients. The company’s growth plan allows it to run in 16 nations outside the U.S. According to the daily newspaper, Chicago Tribune, OSI paid 7.4 million dollars for a former Chicago-based Tyson Foods plant. An OSI Industries spokesman stated that the facility, which is 200,000 square feet, provides help for continued business expansion. The line of the company includes beef items like hamburgers and meatballs, along with bacon, hot dogs, as well as other pork items, plus vegetable and poultry products.

According to Forbes, after more than 100 years in business, OSI Group is ranked among the largest privately-owned companies in the world. With the acquisition of Flagship Europe, OSI Group can provide resources for its new customers in international markets for a business that is already successful. The line of Flagship Europe includes various products ranging from pies to frozen poultry to sandwich fillings, dressings, sauces, marinades, and dips.

Since OSI Group opened its first family-owned meat market in 1909 in Chicago, one thing has remained constant, which is their steadfast dedication to their client’s success. That’s why many of the leading brands in the world regard them as their leading global food provider. The leading brands trust OSI always to deliver solutions of leading-edge food for their most critical processing needs and product development. Solutions that deliver value, quality, and also streamline processes while optimizing prices.

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