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Experience The Hidden Joy Within NYC Restaurants And Tarallucci E Vino Venues

Many are the times people book space online in a restaurant for private events only to learn later the facilities offered do not match with the quality they expected. This is often the case when one chooses a restaurant or space for an event without conducting the due diligence of researching about the history of the restaurant.

The NYC area is among places with highly ranked restaurants that are also furnished for events. One can choose a unique restaurant depending on the theme that comes with the event being hosted. Some of the restaurants also offer custom menus ideal for specific events like corporate meetings and parties. The biggest challenge comes in choosing an ideal restaurant as there are hundreds in the region. Below is a pick of few that have a proven record in both the culinary section and the overall experience.

The Nomad Restaurant
The Garcia-designed surroundings and the ample space available at the Nomad Restaurant are an attractive sign that has earned the spot a high rating. At this location is where Michelin’s Eleven Madison Park manages a food program with an elegant and delicious appeal that matches with the beautiful surroundings.

Guests can choose between the Persian rugs and velvet seats that make the parlor beneath the massive skylight for their meals, and both are unique and designed to offer a perfect treat. For events, there are private rooms and one can also choose the rooftop area, which can stage a small table event in the iconic cupola of the restaurant.

The Spotted Pig Restaurant
One outstanding feature about the Spotted Pig restaurant is the fact there is always an event on the location. The dining scene is packed with great food and they serve some of the richest French fries in the NYC area, and incidentally, offer the best brunches as well.

The Spotted Pig restaurant also offers private rooms and there is an upstairs area that is hyper-cozy and best suited to holding intimate parties especially during the colder months. Those looking for custom menus can enjoy the support of experienced chefs in the facility, who also have the experience of preparing off-site catering.

Tarallucci E Vino
Another NYC location that is ideal for events is the Tarallucci E Vino. This is an events space provider with six locations and catering facilities for special events. Tarallucci E Vino allows you to manage your event seamlessly since they work with their experienced chef Riccardo Bilotta, who has been reputed for preparing unique menus for events. He also mans the off-site catering facility to ensure the menus delivered are customized to fit with the kind of event one is planning.

At the spacious 6th floor loft, one can transform the space to suit any kind of event; whether a business meeting holding at least 50 guests, or a birthday party inviting at least 120 guests. The lounge area is also furnished with a modern bar and custom-made tables ideal for the mentioned events and one can request for customization depending on their preferences.