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Michel Terpins- A Sertoes Rally enthusiast.

The rally scene in Brazil has grown tremendously. This growth has been driven partly by the increasing number of events slated within the rally calendar as well as the drivers who have continued to thrill fans in these competitions. Over the years Brazil has come to be internationally recognized for offering world-class challenging routes with the Sertoes rally being the most notorious. The growth of the sport has been what drivers in the country had been hoping for. Rodrigo Terpins is one of those drivers. Born to a father who was a professional basketball player his sporting was somehow natural. He would begin his journey as rider taking part in the Brazilian cross-country championship. His determination to succeed in the sport would see him become one of the most formidable champions with a short time.

By 2002 he was already the reigning champion only for him to leave when he was at the peak of his career. He, however, joined his brother in the rally arena where they joined hands to form the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

This would, from that point on become their team of choice for all the competitions they would take part in but as the name suggests there most important was the Sertoes Rally. They chose the T1 Prototype category and would go on to become a dominant force in the same. Today they have expanded the team with each of them getting a navigator which ensures that the team always has a set of two drivers ready to take part in any race. You can visit Inspirery to know more.

Rodrigo Terpins has been able to take part in various editions of the Sertoes rally both with his brother and with other navigators. In the 24th edition, he took part with Maykel Justo who would prove his worth when he helped Michel achieve pole position in the first two stages. The partnership yielded position 5 overall an impressive result by any measure. The #322 was also a proud participant of the carbon-free initiative that was being pushed by the Green initiative foundation. This was all geared towards environmental protection by helping plant trees in the Amazon to cater for the carbon released during the race.