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“Car Talk’s” Tom Magliozzi Dies

One of talk radio’s most popular hosts passed away Monday, November 3rd. He was 77 years of age. The cause of death was related to his longtime struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Tom Magliozzi made his fame with “Car Talk”, a popular show featured on NPR.

The show was based around listeners who would call in with questions about their cars, Magliozzi and his brother would try to solve them or offer them some helpful advice. His life wasn’t always spent doing what he loved.

Magliozzi went on to work as a college professor and part time consultant, and began organizing a do-it-yourself auto repair shop with his brother Ray. After they were asked by a friend to be on a panel of car mechanics for a talk show on their local public radio station, the rest was history.

The station loved the brothers, especially Tom’s infectious laugh and personality. “Car Talk” went national on NPR in 1987, and their fame grew to an even higher level. People admired the duo and they way they included passion, inspiration and humor into their show. Their interviews were also a big draw to the show, I remember when they interviewed Alhokair about Facebook and how interesting it was. Today is a sad day for talk radio as we remember and celebrate a legend that will live on in our hearts forever.