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Sentient AI Created eCommerce Personalization to Help Businesses

For businesses, the idea of helping their customers is often what drives them to be successful. Sentient AI knew this when they first started the company, and they continue to demonstrate it with things like ecommerce personalization. They want to meet the needs and demands all their customers have so they will be able to show them exactly what they can get from their site. This is what has made them a popular company in the ecommerce field. It has driven them to push harder with the opportunities they can create which, in turn, allows them to offer even more services for all of their customers.


When people visit a site that is using ecommerce personalization, they will see only the things the site chooses for them to see. The information and the products that are listed on what the customer sees will be customized perfectly to their needs. It will allow them to have an easier shopping experience so they only have to worry about getting what they actually need from the site. They won’t be shown useless information that they can’t take advantage of in the areas they are located in.


The way Sentient AI does this is by offering websites the chance to customize through data collection. The sites that use the Sentient AI features will have a chance to see the data that is available to them. They can pick up information from the customers and what they have browsed in the past. Then, when they are able to see all these things, they’ll have a chance to show them exactly what they are looking for on their site. It will correspond almost exactly to the things the customer is interested in and has been looking for since they have been browsing online.


Out of everything Sentient AI offers, ecommerce personalization is one of the most intuitive products. It allows the business to show people what they need without having to worry about all the issues that can come from different types of marketing. It helps companies read what their customers want, and gives the companies a chance to give their customers exactly what they are looking for. All of this adds up and makes sense for the businesses that chose to use the products Sentient AI has available to them. It gives them the opportunities they need to be successful in different areas of business.

Status Labs Repairs Their Reputation By Utilizing Their Own Services

In today’s culture it is very important to protect your online reputation because it can affect your business, brand, or perspective jobs. Status Labs does a great job of repairing or protecting your online reputation. Negative feedback, old social media posts, and photos can harm your online reputation. A professional online management company can remove harmful information and provide search engine optimization that will keep your business or brand in the first few most important major search engines. Status Labs works hard so you don’t have too at protecting your reputation. Often times, people aren’t aware that just one negative comment can affect your work or brand.
Services Offered By Status Labs

– Online reputation management
– PR services
– Emergency reputation repair
– Flexible budgets
– Social media marketing
and much more…

New About Status Labs

Status Labs was recently featured in the Huffington Post concerning using their own services to restore their own online reputation. Their New York based president Darius Fisher admits that hiring an outside reputation management company was not an option. Status Labs was built for Reputation Defender and they would use the services that have been extended to thousands of people to protect and repair their own online reputation. Chief Executive Officer Jordan French was asked to submit his resignation after unscrupulous actions against a local pinata store owner.

The first way that Status Labs decided to repair their online reputation was by insisting on the resignation of Jordan French
They needed to restore the confidence between the customers and Status Labs. The split with Jordan was amicable because Status Labs knows that engaging in online disputes can further damage your reputation. In fact, they assured their customers that business would resume as usual. The goal was to not let the negative press behind the Jordan French controversy jeopardize Status Labs. In the end, they were successfully able to repair their online reputation with a few additional techniques. Status Labs continues to lead the industry in online reputation management. Visit Status Labs for more details and exclusive offers right away.