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The worlds greatest Michael Jackson impersonator: Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson’s corporeal body may have passed from this earth, but his spirit certainly hasn’t left and likely never will. Especially not with fantastic MJ impersonators ut there like Sergo Cortes, the world’s greatest.

Cortes was born in Barcelona, where he kicked started his career in high school and was quickly noticed by a local television reporter. From there, he was invited to participate in various Michael Jackson impersonation contests and competitions. As popular as he was in high school though, it was nothing to compare with the first big leap he took, when he hosted a Michael Jackson tribute show that rocked that rocked Madrid. With so many of his fans supporting him and telling him not just how much he looked like MJ, but sounded like him, Cortes took his career further. He is now widely known throughout his current home; Brazil and his country of birh; Spain, as one of the worlds greatest impersonators of the Pop King.

Cortes is currently working on gaining international attention through the company he works with; Destiny Projects. So far, he’s been able to record and recreate all of Michael Jackson’s songs and has even recreated several of his most famous music videos with included choreography. With such an intense passion for his work, Cortes has already changed the lives of many previously mournful MJ fan’s and intends on changing even more lives.

You don’t just go out one day and decide you’re going to impersonate the true king of pop. It truly takes a lot of heart, courage and creativity to impersonate another artist, especially a legend with such immense talent like Michael Jackson. Not only do you have to truly want to spend your life imitating another person, you truly have to wish to merge your soul with theirs. Sergio Cortes really masters this and doesn’t leave a single nuance behind when he’s on stage. It’s as if he truly has harnessed the thriving soul of Michael Jackson and brought it back into this realm to inspire MJ fans everywhere and keep the MJ legacy going strong.

Sergio Cortes Has Become The Best Impersonator Out There

It takes a lot of time and dedication for someone to become a great impersonator, but if that is something that one would like to do with their life there should be no stopping them. If they want to take on the life of Michael Jackson and make it their own, as Sergio Cortes has done, then they should go ahead and work just as hard as this impersonator has to make it happen. There is no reason that one cannot follow their dreams. All that they will have to do is to push themselves as hard as Sergio Cortes has to become a great impersonator, and then they should be able to feel proud of themselves for how far they have come.
Sergio Cortes admired Michael Jackson since he was just a boy, and he found it to be very enjoyable to take on all of the things that the man had done, and the look that he had had, and to make it his own. He is an impersonator who takes his job very seriously, and people have come to love him for that. They see Sergio Cortes and they almost believe him to be the real thing. People have even started to say that Sergio Cortes is the best Michael Jackson impersonator out there. And that has to feel great.
Anyone who wants to become an impersonator just needs to remember that it is going to be a lot of work. They are going to have to keep in mind that they are going to have to dedicate themselves to what they will be setting out to do, and if they still want to do it, then they should go ahead and make it happen. They should do as Sergio Cortes has done and give it their all. They should eat, sleep and breath the one that they are impersonating. They should take on the life of the one that they are trying to be like, and there should be no stopping them from becoming the very best impersonator yet. Sergio Cortes has done it, and so can they.

Sergio Cortes Stirs Up His Gift To Entertain

When Michael Jackson made the decision to become a solo artist, he was taking a big risk. For many years he had only performed with his brothers and he was known as the front man for the Jackson Five. The reception of the fans could have been negative as he moved on as a solo artist. It was his showmanship and his stunning shows that convinced fans that he was better off as a solo artist. Sergio has captured many of these alluring performances by Michael Jackson, and he is one of the best impersonators right now. His impersonation of the King of Pop is something journalists are writing about. It is something that fans are telling other fans about. It may be safe to say that he has taken the throne when it comes to impersonating one of the best performers of this generation.

Sergio Cortes is a performer that has the great ability to rise above the common MJ impersonator, and there is a reason for this. He has put forth the effort to build the stage show that looks exactly like what Jackson was doing when he was on stage. This is where he goes the extra mile and takes the time to make the stage settings, lighting, and background dancers look like what Jackson had on stage. He has went the extra mile and this has allowed him to earn the respect of Michael Jackson fans. There are not a lot of people that have the ability to go on tour after they start performing as Michael Jackson. Sergio, however, has actually managed to make a living doing this and he is getting even more requests to continue his MJ tribute show. There is a demand for what he does largely because it is the only thing fans have to hold on to.

Michael sister Janet recently returned to the stage, but this may possibly be her last tour. She is almost 50 years old. This is the age that Jackson was when he planned to come back and headline in Las Vegas. Janet was actually about returning to the states, but she was aware that she was missed by her fans. When it comes to the rest of the Jacksons none of these brothers from the original Jackson Five are performing anymore. Sergio is about the only thing that fans can cherish through MJ tributes.