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Lake Tahoe Skiing Has Come Back To Stay

A Skiing Mecca
There is a long history of recreational excellence in skiing at California’s Lake Tahoe Resort. Many of the finest families in the Western United States venture up into the natural beauty that is Lake Tahoe. Two of the best resorts in the area warrant special mention: Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. For great fun, great food, and very memorable times, this is the place.

Many people of note party at these fine resorts, nestled among the highest mountains of California. You will be spotting various celebrities enjoying the same sights and fun you are also having. It is a relaxed, happy, easy-going festival of winter wonderland fun! Of course, this area offers much more than main-stream recreations. In the summers, many people book a week in a resort to spend their evenings in after fly fishing for trout all day. To each his own, and this area has a little bit of everything to fit every person’s tastes and interests.

Squaw Valley Resort
The rawness of the wild comes through along with the awesome tranquility of nature. That is why Squaw Valley Resort was picked by the Winter Olympics, in 1960. That monumental event in history has brought a very healthy ski culture to the mountains of the Sierra Madre. The crystal clear streams and lakes in the area are a testament to how well managed the area has been.

First-time skiers will get the thrill of a steep alpine environment, without a steep slope to ski down; it is the bunny slope, after all. Of course, there are all levels of attainment possible for skiers here. Very advanced snowboarders and skiers can drop down harrowing chutes and bowls at amazing speed. But, safety is a first rule throughout the areas of these resorts.

Alpine Meadows Resort
Offering over 100 trails with mountain adventure waiting, Alpine Meadows covers thousands of acres. There are plenty of chairlifts to whisk you up to the start of the well-groomed runs. A 15-minute shuttle runs over to Squaw Valley Resort regularly. Picture a huge family playground that also satisfies simpler tastes in adventure. Stay in one of the lodge’s Chalet cabins and enjoy the friendly service of the staff.