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Nitin Khanna Wears Many Entrepreneurial Hats

Technology and entrepreneurialism go hand in hand and one foremost practitioner is the noted business figure, Nitin Khanna. He is currently the CEO of MergerTech and his expertise and guidance have brought about many quality transactions that have created a stronger, more capable entity. He has also been an instrumental figure in the burgeoning cannabis industry with his involvement in Cura Cannabis Solutions. He is also an enthusiastic practitioner of philanthropy and is a part of important efforts in this realm.

The entrepreneurial spirit that powers Nitin Khanna has been informed by many of his close family members. He mentions several uncles who were associated with various endeavors such as a motorcycle parts plant. His own journey began when he relocated to the United States and obtained high-level degrees in engineering from Purdue University.

His first foray as the creator of a company was with his brother when they launched Saber Software in 1999. It grew steadily for a decade and became well known for their election software. Eventually, Saber helped 21 states modernize their voting procedures after the Bush vs. Gore election highlighted the imperative need for updated systems.

The key role that Nitin Khanna has often played among the various undertakings throughout his career can be boiled down to two important concepts. He’s highly focused on strategy and vision. Along with these crucial aspects, he’s particularly concerned with having the right people in place to bring about the most productive chemistry.

Time management is an area in which Khanna excels and it has been a primary driver of his success. He does especially well at prioritizing his activities to hone in on the most important and productive things on his plate.

One recreational activity that helps Nitin Khanna unwind is his interest in becoming a DJ. His attendance one year at the Burning Man Festival sparked this passion as he observed a DJ in action. His natural derring-do compelled him to try and he made a bet with a friend that inside of one year he would secure paying gigs. His drive and ambition have helped him accomplish this as well many triumphs in business.

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David Zalik, Entrepreneurial Story

David Zalik is the newest legend up in the history books when it comes down to how he was and how he came to be the fiscal owner of the company that has helped thousands and hundreds of people with their financial networks within the vicinity of credit and loans. David Zalik is a determined and ambitious individual who saw the opportunities in his life when it came to newer heights inside of the financial industry. He was raised and accustomed to the life where freedom was a pipedream. David Zalik’s father lived in Argentina and his mother along with her whole side of the family were fleeing from oppressions where communism was the norm and freedom was the pipe dream so sought after by the people who wonder what it’s like to be abale to start a business with no negative repercussions. When David Zalik‘s parents met he was conceived and born in Israel where he grew up as a child until he was about four years of age. That was when they all moved to America where David Zalik spent the rest of his adolescent years at. In those years hid dad took a job as a professor at Auburn, and David Zalik began studying math text books from a very young age and then somehow passed the SATS at the age of thirteen which is when he began his venture into college where his father worked. He would ride his bike to and fro between his school and his house to attend college full time. David Zalik did not mind the whole age gap because he was an introverted individual anyways, but developed an entrepreneurial spirit that was motivated by the prospect of dating people older than him. Because of this, David Zalik developed a computer company and made it a twenty man team at the age of twenty two and sold it then at two to three million dollars. There is no doubt that the story that David Zalik created so far in his life has done nothing but inspire those who hunger to create products and services in the form of business systems.

Bob Reina Proud To Announce New Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has been featured on a lot of technology media outlets where he’s shared insights on video marketing, and now he’s announced the rollout of Talk Fusion University, a learning tool the company has put out to help associates reach their true potential and understand better how Talk Fusion’s business model works. This learning resource is free for all Talk Fusion associates to use, and Reina hopes that after watching the videos he’s put together on exposing new customers to Talk Fusion products, that associates will develop new strategies and be able to work even more closely with each other than ever before.

Talk Fusion offers a variety of video-based email and newsletter products, and they also have apps for various mobile devices for live meetings and one-on-one video chat. Talk Fusion is not narrowly confined to any one business niche or industry, but has a diverse range of customers ranging from high-level corporate executives to people simply using their products for personal reasons. Their products use what’s known as webRTC technology, a system that allows users to turn real-time video recordings into email files and other content they can distribute. Associates are able to make money selling these products to others, and even earn additional commissions from those who they recruit who also sell the products. It’s Talk Fusion’s reward system that makes this profession appealing to others.

Talk Fusion began back in 2007, though it was really already in the works about 10 years before when longtime Tampa police officer Bob Reina left the force and decided to try out the multilevel marketing profession. He had become a good salesperson in the industry, but he wanted to have a company that could adapt to changes and sell products that consumers would have a high demand for. He came up with emails that contained video back in 2004, and after his company was launched he added more apps that could serve a full-scale digital marketing purpose. In addition to the associates program, Reina also has philanthropy initiatives at Talk Fusion aimed at helping non-profit groups who don’t have the resources to hire a PR team. Learn more:

How will Eric Pulier outdo himself?

Eric Pulier, the entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist has been one of the biggest names in the tech industry for some time now. Becoming more or less the gold standard in industry. He has started many different companies in his life. Some of these prominent companies include SOA Software and US Media Interactive LLC.

With all his success, his focus on helping the less fortunate is still one of his priorities. He is relentless in this pursuit. He has developed a multimedia education program to instruct people with multiple sclerosis about the disorder. He worked with Stephen Spielberg and Peter Samuelson to help create the first private social media platform. Calling it Starbright World, the network allowed children with persistent diseases and disorders to connect with each other by chats, blog posts, post content and meet others who share similar experiences in a safe place. Pulier is also a participant with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Pulier has been apart of Painted Turtle, which is a charitable group that holds yearly seasonal camp for children who have persistent diseases and disorders in Lake Hughes, California. He also participated in XPrize Foundation, which tries to come up with new and innovative solutions to some of the worlds most difficult problems. Starlight World, a unique interactive game to help kids understand diabetes disorder was also an amazing development by Pulier.

He wrote regularly at Harvard as a youngster. As an accomplished author he has been publish in Forbes Magazine and written a couple of books. Pulier is also the chairman, co-founder of ServiceMesh Inc. He lives in Los Angeles, California, where he is raising his kids in addition to his business interests, philanthropic efforts and entrepreneurial breakthroughs. The question now is what is next for Eric Pulier? Will he and can he outdo himself?

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Finding Products in the Real World

When someone sees an item they like in the real world, it shouldn’t be difficult to find it online. However, the fact of the matter is this has never been an easy way to look for items. Attempting to type in a physical description of the device without knowing the exact name or product type can prove especially difficult. With the brand new visual search feature though, it is proving helpful not only to big businesses, but to start ups as well. This is what is making the service so important and essential to companies all around the word.

As reported originally by Live Mint, the visual search feature available to both consumers and businesses everywhere is making finding what someone locates online that much easier than ever before. It creates a unique online search experience that has never ever been performed before. Up until now, in order to find something online an individual had to type in some sort of a product description. Even if they wanted to perform an image or video search, they had to type in what they were thinking. Of course, if an individual is unable to search for the product for several hours, the overall imagery of what they are looking for might prove rather difficult as it fades away with time. Visual search is a new feature that changes all of that.

So what is visual search? It is a service offered from Slyce that makes it possible to snap pictures with a smart phone. Since everyone has a camera built into their phone now, if an individual sees something on the street or anywhere else they like, they can simply snap a picture of it. With the search, all they need to do is upload the image. The visual search feature then compares the image with the growing databanks it has online. By comparing everything from shape to color, style, design and a dozen other visual points of interest, the service can point out the exact match. It is also able to offer up similar items as well, just in case someone wants variety and the chance to purchase something that might be a bit less expensive.

Slyce is a company that has been offering this kind of service for some time now. It has an agreement with Amazon and it is continuing to grow its catalog in order to offer customers more options.