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Technology Expert Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a great businessman that is expanding his reach to be all over the business world and help more than just starting companies. When Alex first started out working for himself, he made a choice to help baby companies get off the ground and stay off the ground. This was done because he mentored the owners he worked for so that they knew what they had to do and when he left that they had a team that would work hard for him.Tech expert Alex has been making companies that are getting off the ground prosperous and thriving for years.

In the meantime, though he has continued to study technology and watch virtual reality unfolds. At the point that it is now virtual reality world is perfect to take over the business so that almost everything can be done remotely and so that business travel expenses can be minimized. Alex is now going to companies all over the world that believe he can give them a leg up in technology for their company to save money and be more productive. To accomplish that Alex is showing off the better productivity and better communication service that can be achieved through VR goggles that are usually sold to video game nerds.

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Alex Hern

Mr. Alex Hern is an established entrepreneur who has been practicing entrepreneurship for over 15 years now. Entrepreneur Hern focuses on working with startups and developing technology firms. He was a Co-Launcher of Inktomi, IPO (INKT) that was later purchased by Yahoo. Hern also served as a member of the firm’s Board of management. Mr. Alex Hern also Co-Founded Yesmail that is popularly known as YESM. Yesmail provided its services for about ten months with Alex serving as a member of its board before it was sold for $650 million to CMGI. Alex Hern also Co-Established Military Commercial Technologies commonly known as Milcom where he was the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and later Chairman. Mr. Hern Founded and worked on the Board of Arcsight. The company was then sold to Hewlett Packard for $1.5 billion. Packard also sold it to Cloudshield firm. Currently, the firm is owned by SAIC. Alex Hern has also worked with as its board member, Triton Network Systems, and Zero Knowledge. He also worked with Radial Point. Learn more about Alex at is a company that focuses on providing housing services through construction and selling new homes. It also offers helps buyers with relocating benefits. The firm has established over 400 marketing associates that support it in attaining a highly profitable and developing business model. The company uses the muscle of its commercial and web advancement to create and supply leads to its brokers of real estate and agent network. Read: Alex Hern and his Co-Founders of Cloudshield Technologies established the firm in 2000. The company focuses on helping its customers with experiences and expertise of monitoring and interacting with network traffic to prevent cyber-attacks. The business is open and can host various applications both in general purpose information technology and dangerous network security solutions remedies. Alex Hern and the other managing personnel helps the company with vast expertise that they have acquired over the years of service. Visit to know more.