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Sam Tabar Has Created a Name to Emulate in the Legal and Financial Sector

Sam Tabar is an outstanding financial strategist and a legal issues expert based in New York. He was educated and equipped with legal skills at the University of Oxford and later proceeded to the prestigious Columbia Law School where he did his Master’s degree in Law.

Art Station revealed that served as the Columbia Business Law Review’s Associate Editor while still at Columbia Law School. Immediately after clearing school, he took up a position at Skadden & Affiliates as an Associate Attorney. He was mandated to provide legal counsel on the firm’s operations.

After his exit from Skadden, he made an entry to Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors based in Hong Kong. Early 2011, an opportunity came beckoning and, thus, he joined Merrill Lynch as the Asia-Pacific Region’s boss cum capital strategist. Currently, Tabar acts as the CFO at Awearable Apparel as well as FullCycle Energy Fund’s CEO. He is entrusted to create and lead the implementation of both firms’ strategic plans.


His notable accomplishments throughout his career life are his ability to raise funds and assets as well as building the clientele base for his companies. At Merrill Lynch, he came first position for capital introductions two years in a row.

Another appealing achievement is the creation of a Rolodex, holding more than 1250 investors still at Merrill Lynch. His extensive know-how in dealing with financial issues both in the legal and business aspect has been the major contributor to his thriving career.

Role in the Community

Sam Tabar’s interest in start-ups led him to start Thinx. The firm designs and sells female undergarments that are fashionable. Sales proceeds from Thinx are used to provide vulnerable girls and women in Africa with sanitary products in collaboration with Afripads. This was achieved through a kick starter campaign.

This fantastic initiative plays a big role in the society by ensuring that these girls lead a normal life without worry. Sam enjoys art and uses his social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, to display his love for photography. He also generously posts business articles on his Twitter account. His articles are insightful and useful to his followers.

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