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Greg Secker knowledge in Forex Trade

Greg Secker is famed to be an entrepreneur, Forex trade educator, and a futurist. He possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in trading. He is the figure behind the establishment of Knowledge to Action Group. The company is the central pillar to auxiliary branches like Greg Secker Foundation, Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade and Capital Index. The Knowledge to Action Group focuses on teaching persons on how to set business and come up with a healthy lifestyle.


Before becoming a professional trader, Greg Secker began his career journey as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. His role was to develop foreign exchange trading systems. His tenure as a trading technologist expanded his mind and gave him vast experience. Greg Secker left the Thomas Cook Financial Services and joined the foreign exchange trade. In his new venture, he established The Virtual Trading Desk which made him receive an award for innovation from the British Telecom in e-commerce. The Virtual Trading Desk offers online Forex trading. It helps the operators to receive quotes and tips for trading in foreign exchange trade.


Greg Secker was a VP OF Mellon Financial Corporation, the world leading finance company in the US. It is in Mellon Financial Corporation where Greg Secker acquired exorbitant knowledge in international trading. From the acquired knowledge and expertise he began, Learn to Trade before working for an extended period. He started by training the family members and friends and then went further to referrals.


Learn to Trade aims at providing individuals with knowledge of how trading is done. Learn to Trade has developed a global approach with offices in Australia, London, South Africa and the Philippines. In its thirteen years of operations, it has grown and expanded to reach higher bars. The firm has trained more than 200,000 persons through seminars, online and workshops.


Greg Secker believes that making money is not difficult through trading. He wants people to get knowledge on how to trade and know the best time when it comes to trading so that they can benefit and improve their living standard. Greg has been Trading since when he was 27years old.