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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America (CTCA) Increases Awareness On Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the leading type of cancer among men. In America, one out of seven men is likely to have prostate cancer in his lifetime. According to these statistics, the American Cancer Society estimates that in 2017 there will be 161,360 new prostate cancer cases. To this end, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has embarked on a mission to increase awareness about prostate cancer screening.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America is promoting the Prostate Pep Talk Campaign alongside the National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA) and the LabCorp. LabCorp will offer 2,000 free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening from September 1 to October 15. Besides the free spots, men can still sign up for PSA screening at a discounted price of $25. Some members of NFLA will participate in public service announcements to encourage men to get tested.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a non-profit organization that offers its service to cancer patients across the United States. The Boca Raton, Florida-based company has five hospitals. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses conventional cancer treatment methods like radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and immunotherapy. In addition, they employ integrative therapies to manage side effects like fatigue, pain, nausea, depression, anxiety and malnutrition. CTCA’s first internal patient concierge and information office was established in Mexico City. Notably, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has an active presence in the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Their branches include Western Regional Medical Center-Arizona, Midwestern Regional Medical Center-Illinois, Eastern Regional Medical Center-Oklahoma and Southeastern Regional Medical Center- Georgia. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is endorsed by the Joint Mission and the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures. The organization received Five Star ratings from the U.S. Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Besides earning recognition from various health care organizations like the American College of Radiology, CTCA has been the recipient of different awards such as the Magnet Award. These awards reflect the organization’s superior patient satisfaction scores.

The Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is Brazilian musical artist. He was a drummer for the Brazilian metal band, “Viper” from 1985 to 1989. He has been featured on two of Viper’s album covers and wrote for a song on the Soldiers of Sunrise album. He is well known from fans of Heavy metal for spreading popularity of the music genre in South and Central America. Soldiers of Sunrise was his last project with Viper and to this day is one of their most popular projects. In Viper he worked with Felipe Machad, Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, and Yves Passarell. In Brazil, the drummer was the most important part of a heavy metal band because he would help shape their identity. Because of Audi’s work and representation with Viper, creating the opening to metal in South America would make him one of the countries most legendary artists. The band has had multiple tours, Theater of fate Tour in 1989, The evolution tour in 1992, Eat Rage Tour in 1994, All my life tour in 2007 and To Live Again in 2012. He has worked on songs such as The Killera Sword, Soldiers of Sunrise, Theater of Fate, Viper 1989, Evolution, Maniacs in Japan, Vipera Sapiens and It’s for Everyone. They went on tour for Maniacs in Japan launched Coma Rage and Take Everyone but barrely hit store shelves due to the band going bankrupt. They had a decade long hiatus before returning in 2007. Cassio Audi returned as a drummer in 2012 to the present.

NuoDB and the Possibilities of SQL Database in Cloud

Since the cloud environment became a reality, one of its biggest drawbacks was no compatible traditional database to address the needs of the cloud. This is where NuoDB Inc., a software service provider, came with a flexible SQL database named NuoDB. The database showcased the characteristics of the traditional database, but it could effectively be integrated into the cloud platform. Due to that reason, the new SQL database became one of the most-wanted databases in the recent years.

NuoDB is considered as a type of elastic SQL database, and it is also called as “NewSQL.” It follows a distributed object architecture, and while adding new servers, it improves the performance of the database. Interestingly, NuoDB has the capability to distribute various tasks among different processors to remove the possibilities of bottlenecks of data. The SQL database also showcases better scaling out without causing any sharding.

The database is ACID compliant, and it executes peer-to-peer messaging to send tasks to nodes. Additionally, the SQL database introduced a tiered approach to its architecture. It includes multiple tiers of transaction engines and storage managers. It is highly useful for having a better predictability of data in the cloud. It should be noted that the latest version of the database – NuoDB 2.6- is even supporting Amazon Web Services zones.

Organo Gold is Gold

Have you ever wondered if you had one of your favorite beverages daily, that it could potentially reduce the risk of you dying from diseases? This is the new word on the block that coffee drinkers may have a higher chance at surviving longer than those who don’t drink coffee.

Drinking coffee could possibly be associated to a smaller risk of dying from heart disease, stroke, and others! Many studies have been done throughout the years trying to provide scientific evidence that coffee could be a cure.

One of the experiments studied over 185,000 Americans, and had found proof that whether caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee was drank, it was connected with a lower risk of death. Diseases that were reduced included, stroke, cancer, and diabetes in African Americans, Latinos, Japanese Americans and whites.

Another study completed on Americans had them report how many cups of coffee they had in one day. Those who reported two or three cups had an 18% decrease chance of death in comparison to those who haven’t had coffee. The same group of participants reported their drinking habits every five years.

One of the companies that could involved in revolving peoples’ lives is Organo Gold. Organo is a global network company that has goals to change lives one day at a time. They try to provide products that will give a better life balance and well-being.

The products that Organo Gold produces are available exclusively through independent merchandiser in over 50 different countries. Their products include different beverages, brewing cups, products for body management, and personal care. They have something different to fulfill everyone’s needs. If you feel like it’s time for a change in your life, take a look at Organo Gold, they have some of the friendliest staff and best products to satisfy your needs.

For more information follow Organo on Twitter.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America still working to make cancer treatment even easier on patients and doctors

In 2016 Cancer Treatment centers of America, Nanthealth, and Allscripts started working together to help make it easier for all of the doctors helping their patients with cancer through the electronic health records. The Clinical Pathways program is going to work with the doctors by helping to inform the doctors of the latest research available that pertains to that patient, help to plan treatment plans, and therapies for the patient. This program is going to help the doctors work quickly to come up with the custom treatment plans each of these patients need. It will also offer comparisons in the available treatment options, and have the capabilities of a safe and efficient means of entering orders for the patients. As well as so much more.

Cancer Treatment Center of America has five hospitals located throughout the United States in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Atlanta, Chicago, and Phoenix. Were they offer personalized state-of-the-art care for patients with cancer. As well as offering the conventional treatments they also offer supportive therapies to help with side effects. Cancer Treament of America prides themselves on not only treating cancer, but helping their patients to live as comfortable as possible while being treated. As well as having those five hospitals in the United States they also have organizations in Mexico, the middle east, the Caribbean, and Latin America to offer patients in those regions the opportunity for treatment in the United States.
Richard Stephenson founded Cancer Treatment Centers of America in 1988 after his mother died of cancer. He was so unhappy this his mother’s treatment options that he opened his own hospital in Zion, Illinois. The other four hospitals opened between 2005 and 2012. In 2015 Cancer Treatment Centers of America opened their first international information office in Mexico.

James Dondero Work in Dallas

Dallas is one of the leading areas of economic growth in the United States. Over the years, the city has grown rapidly as people move to the area. Many people who live in Dallas are looking for a place to get financial advice.

Highland Capital Management is a financial planning firm that has worked in the Dallas area for many years. James Dondero is the leader of the company, and he is passionate about providing value to clients in any way that he can. He is excited about all of the work that he is doing in the area. This is a company that has proven to have the best interests of customers in mind.

Early Life

James Dondero has always had a passion for personal finance. When he was in college, he majored in finance and business. When he got his first job, he did not love working for a large company. Although he enjoyed the work, he was not able to work directly with people like he would like.

James Dondero decided to start Highland Capital Management many years ago. He wanted to make sure that his financial planning firm was different from others in the area. Instead of concentrating on selling investment products, he wanted to provide great customer service to clients who needed it.


James Dondero is excited about the growth of Highland Capital Management. The company is always working to improve itself, and James Dondero invests money from the company into the local community. He strongly believes that a strong city makes for a better place to live. In the coming years, James Dondero has a lot of growth plans for his business. Not only is he investing in a new website, but he wants to offer an additional location as well.

James Donder’s Tale Of Success

Overseeing around $ 16 billion of advantages is no stroll in the recreation center as it requires the best group and the most qualified in the business to complete such an enormous errand. Good country Capital Management has possessed the capacity to do this, and substantially more for its regarded clients and at the driver’s seat is none other than businessperson and investor James Dondero. He is the present president and author of Highland Capital Management, which is arranged in Dallas, TX. The Highland Capital Management was established in 1993, and it has some expertise in credit procedures, long-just finances, and separate records. Good country Capital Management has an enhanced customer base that incorporates open annuity, establishments, enrichments, and organizations whom they serve wholeheartedly. Good country Capital has been a pioneer in the advancement of the collateralized credit commitment showcase. It has extended its portfolio working with the a portion of the greatest brands on the planet and the nation too finished the years. Because of this, the organization has created some honor winning item offerings that incorporate flexible investments, private value stores, shared assets and ETFs.

James Dondero is a man of few words, yet when he talks, at that point he leaves individuals anticipating the day he might talk again as he is a courteous fellow in each feeling of the word. Dondero graduated with the most astounding respects from the University of Virginia, which are the Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. Mr. James started his vocation as an examiner in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty preparing program and has since gotten numerous confirmations as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Account (CMA), and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). James is very much experienced and educated. Also, he runs a standout amongst the best organizations on the planet, and he is the director of NexBank. He likewise seats Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical, without a doubt a man of numerous abilities.

As of late, James Dondero joined the Southern Methodist University Cox School of the business board. The move is gone for fortifying the great relationship that has been amongst him and the Southern Methodist University as they have been cooperating for a broadened period. His organization with the college has made youthful businesspeople and ladies that will make a special effort to help the general public. Briefly, it abandons a sorry excuse for an uncertainty that James has made a phenomenal showing with regards to in each division that he has been associated with all through. James has been certify for some examples of overcoming adversity and hence it is quite reasonable to state that Southern Methodist University will remain to pick up an extraordinary arrangement.

James Dondero Donates Millions to Support the Dallas Community

James Dondero is a highly accomplished financial expert and philanthropist based in Dallas, Texas. His career began in 1984 after graduating from University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce.

After his studies, American Express employed Mr. Dondero as a corporate bond analyst, a position he held for four years. In 1989, James Dondero was hired as a chief investment officer by Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary. Under his leadership, the branch grew to $2 billion.

In 1993, Mr. Dondero quit his job as chief investment officer to start Highland Capital Management. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company offers financial services like collateralized loan obligations, alternative markets, credit management, and many other financial services.

Highland Capital Management’s clients are financial corporations, foundations, high net worth individuals, real estates, health care organizations, pension plans, and endowments.

Today, Highland Capital Management manages over 14.9 billion of assets and has affiliate companies like NexPoint Residential Trust, Acis Capital Management, and NexPoint Capital.

Apart from his financial career, Dondero donates millions of dollars to support multiple charity organizations in Dallas. For instance, he supports The Family Place, a charity organization that provides shelter and counseling to victims of family abuse and violence.

Furthermore, Mr. Dondero supports Education is Freedom, a not for profit organization based in Dallas. As its name suggests, this organization helps underserved students to pursue their college studies alongside helping them actualize their dreams.

James Dondero also supports other charity organizations like Dallas Zoo, Southern Methodist University Scholarship Program, Perot Museum of Natural Science, and Uplift Education. These organizations work to raise the living standards of the unfortunate people in Dallas, TX.

James Dondero Taking Highland Capital Management Global

One of the most respected companies in the financial world of the United States is Highland Capital Management. The company was co-founded by James Dondero in the year 1993 and is today a firm that manages close to $20 billion. It is one of the most successful financial services corporations in the United States today and is SEC-registered. The company also has one of the most diverse ranges of financial products and services on offer, mainly specializing in credit strategies. Highland Capital Management is known for providing an expert financial advisor to many different companies. It provides collateralized loan obligations, institutional services, retirement planning products and services, annuities, and more. Such comprehensive range of products and services from one company is what makes Highland Capital Management so lucrative in the financial market today.

James Dondero has been associated with the financial industry for over three decades. It is his experience that he brings to the fore when devising business strategies for Highland Capital Management. The company has grown substantially over the years and continues to proliferate under the leadership of James Dondero. The company also has a huge list of international clientele and has offices in Seoul and Singapore as well. With offices spread across the globe, the company is expected to penetrate deep into the global financial markets soon. James Dondero aims to make Highland Capital Management a global player in the financial market. He also plays an active role in devising new financial products and is the President of the Institutional Products at Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero has served many different firms during his career span, including the famous JP Morgan and American Express. Working with some of the top financial executives at the best financial companies helped him gain the experience and expertise necessary to start his firm. It is how the Highland Capital Management started off. Today, it is one of the premier financial institutions globally and is growing substantially under the supervision of James Dondero. He aims to make it a preferred financial services provider the world over, and at the pace at which it is growing, the day is near when his vision would turn into a reality.

Honey Birdette and its Controversial Advertisement

The Founder and managing director of Honey Birdette the Lingerie Brand has acknowledged that there is polarization of the much-discussed brand. She has however dismissed the criticism of the brand’s flash mob that supports equality in marriage. Recently, 60 employees and models of Honey Birdette took to the Sydney CBD streets to show their support for marriage equality which was ahead of the controversial postal plebiscite by the federal government. The workers of Honey Birdette and models who wore the brand’s lingerie walked from the Pitt Street Mall to Martin Place and carried signs that had messages “make love not Plebiscite” and also #freethenipple.
The event was live streamed by Honey Birdette and it drew messages of criticism and support from their customers. Some customers stated that they loved a company that has the ability to form an opinion and also hold itself accountable for the issues that affect its customers as well as affiliates. While speaking to SmartCompany, Eloise Monaghan who is the Managing Director and founder of Honey Birdette said that she was not shocked by the criticism about the flash mob.
Honey Birdette also became the talk of town after it put up a raunchy ad for their lingerie. The ad has been put up in Rundle Mall and it seems that not all people are welcoming the attention. The Honey Birdette lingerie store has put up 2 posters on the windows of its shop which features women wearing a new range of innerwear and the nipple of one of the models is visible. Some customers have agreed that posted advertisement could possibly offend some people. Other people said that they would wish to purchase such lingerie and put them on for their partners while other said that it would be inappropriate for small kids. The store manager of Honey Birdette however stated that the company had not gotten any complaints about the advertisement.

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