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The History of Brazilian Literature

Brazil gained independence from Portugal in 1822. However, Portuguese remains the predominant first language and remains the main language used by its writers. The use of Portugese in the literature of Brazil dates all the way back to 1500 when Pero Vaz de Caminha penned a letter describing Brazil. This famous letter is today now known as Carta de Pero Vaz de Caminha. This is considered Brazil’s first piece of literature and de Caminha is considered the first famous Brazilian writer. Until the 1700’s, Brazilian literature would remain mainly limited to pieces like this which simply described various things about Brazil.

Although it was mainly descriptions of Brazil that appeared in its literature during these years, there were appearances of other things sprinkled here and there during this time. Perhaps the most famous of such writers is Gregorio de Matos who in the 1600s wrote a vast library of various types of poetic works. Since poetic literature was scarce in Brazil at this time, Matos drew his inspiration from Spanish poetry masters. However, as mentioned such works that were not non-fiction were rare in Brazil at this time. Such works would pick up speed in the 1700s and not actually come into their own until the 1800s.

The first big movement, Romanticism, began in the early 1800s. By 1836 the movement became by far the biggest literary movement in Brazilian history. The primary mover and shaker of these years was the poet Goncalves de Megalhaes. This Romantic era inspired much experimentation, spawning other types of work. Probably the most famous of these Romantic era inspired experimental poets was Casimiro de Abreu. This Romantic era also saw such great novelists as Joaquim Manuel de Macedo, Manuel Antonio de Almeida, and Jose de Alcencar.

Romanticism fostered a literary climate that grew and grew and developed and developed. It has gone through many stages since that time. It is today immensely healthy and booming. Perhaps one of the most famous contemporary examples is Jaimie Garcia Dias. Dias is a multiple award-winning Brazilian writer who began his illustrious writing career when he was just 15 years old. His father was himself a writer and journalist, mentoring his son to very willingly follow in his footsteps. Dias later went to the College of Rio de Janiero. After graduating in 1993 with a degree in literature, he became a teacher at the Academy of Literature in Rio where he taught for five years. In 1997, bursting with ideas about a complete renovation in study and reading methods, the school made him vice-president. All this time, he was busy churning out books. It was in 2001 that Dias first began to be truly recognized as one of the great Brazilian writers.

Florida Man Steals Over $2 Million Dollars in LEGO Toys

A Florida man has been making a huge amount of money selling LEGO play sets, a career that would make any successful homejoy business person envious. The problem for Ignatius M. Pollara, he has been stealing the games from around the country and selling them for 100% profit. Ignatius stole $2 million in LEGO toys from all 50 states in a very elaborate scheme, netting him enough to live a very lavish lifestyle.

But like all dumb criminals, they never know when enough is enough, and simply continue to go to the well too many times. While 2012 was his best year ever, authorities were already aware of his theft and had begun to watch his actions more closely in the coming years. He would steal the LEGO merchandise, then sell the items in his very successful online storefront. All his items were brand new in mint condition, and he was able to fill orders if customers had specific demands.

If a customer was in need of a certain quantity, Ignatius would simply locate the store that sold the merchandise and take a business trip there. He would rent a hotel nearby the mall or shopping center, then make several trips to steal his LEGO products until he was ready to make the trip back home and sell them online. The problem however, the police were monitoring his trips and had surveillance on him leaving the hotel, entering the stores, and stealing the merchandise.

Shirley Bassey Chastizes Modern Pop Stars

Shirley Bassey has made it abundantly clear she is not a big fan of the way pop stars conduct themselves. Members of the younger generation might not be familiar with Bassey’s name, but she was a huge star back in the 1960’s. Bassey sang the title song to the James Bond classic Goldfinger in 1964. At the time, Bassey was known for being a “glamor diva” who always appeared incredibly well-dressed and elegant.

Bassey has noted that today’s pop stars, well, utterly lack class. Those are her words and they are harsh. Honestly, it is fairly difficult to argue with her assessment. Pop stars have a handy tendency to use four-letter words and present themselves in an anarchistic manner. Perhaps all of this is done to get attention. Attention they often get, but the attention is more of making a spectacle of oneself as opposed to really being an entertainment icon.

Bassey has not been seen in public much over the past few years. She prefers to be a recluse. Maybe she wants to be remembered for her glory days in the 1960’s and 1970’s and not for her later, less active years.

For whatever reason, Bassey has chosen to speak out and chastise the entertainment industry. Good for her!

What a shame more people in positions of fame did not speak out and speak out earlier. The pop world would be in a lot better shape and we would have more icons and fewer media spectacles.

When Is Feeling Tired Dangerous?

Many people these days are juggling all kinds of activities along with work, family life and taking care of the home. Because of all of this it is very common for people to feel tired or fatigued at one point or another. However, when is fatigue a sign of something more serious? How are we to know whether we are just pushing ourselves too far each day or there is something much more serious going on? If you are sleeping at least seven hours each night and are still waking up exhausted, it may be time to head to your doctor’s office and see what might be going on.

If you are feeling tired but in addition, weak as well, unlike an energetic man like Flavio Maluf, there may be something else going on. Often times, the thyroidis to blame as it is in charge of regulating a person’s energy levels. You can have a thyroid that is underactive or overactive and there is medication and lifestyle choices that can help this situation. Some simple blood tests can reveal if there is an issue.

Sometimes fatigue can be a sign of something more serious like cancer, but it is important not to panic right away. Your doctor can usually run some basic blood work to determine if there is something worth looking into. You could easily have an underlying infection or viral issue that is zapping your energy.

Bad Suns’ ‘Salt’ Video Makes Waves

The up and coming band, Bad Suns, just released a music video for their new single, ‘Salt’. With their catchy lyrics and beats, it seems sort of impossible to try and focus on the lyrics and what they mean. Best known for their hit-single, ‘Cardiac Arrest’, their new song proves they’re not a dreaded one hit wonder. Their debut album, Language & Perspective was well received by NY Mag among other publications. The music video for the song, ‘Salt’, hits a hot button topic that’s been pressing on in the media for photographers like Terry Richardson more and more each day.

The video portrays a person who is struggling with their gender identity and dysphoria (a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life), and is learning about and going through the steps to become who they really are, even if these aren’t the steps all trans people feel the need to take.

The video is breathtaking and beautifully choreographed, and also portrays a great message for a very relatable song, regardless if you’re struggling with gender identity or just your identity in general.

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