Christina Broda, Pioneering Economist

Economists are those who pursue the field of economics either academically or professionally. Economists are also an integral part in developing and deploying a government’s economic policy. There are a myriad of sub-fields within the field of economics. Meaning that an economist can specialize in any number of specific economic studies. The qualifications of an economist have been generally agreed upon as an individual who has attained a Ph.D. in economics, currently teaches or has taught any sub-filed of economics and has had their work in economics published. One such individual is Christian Broda, an exceptional economist.

Broda is an economist and financial professional who is based in New York. Broda began his study of economics at the University of San Andres in Argentina. After completing his undergraduate studies he went on to pursue his masters degree in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as MIT. After receiving his masters degree he continued his graduate work at MIT eventually receiving his doctorate. Broda’s intellectual acumen is also apparent his numerous publications regarding economics and economic theory. He continued his academic pursuit while at the same time teaching aspiring economists at the University of Chicago. Broda’s work, in addition to his myriad of publications, deal primarily with economics in how they apply to international finance and trade. The research he has done has garnered much acclaim. His research has been featured in “The American Economic Review”, “The Quarterly Journal of Economics” and has also been featured in mainstream media. His economic acumen has also earned him grant money from the National Science Foundation so that he may continue his research. Broda currently serves as the Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management. In the past he has served as Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers and as the Head of International Research at Barclays Capital. He has also spent time at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and at Columbia University. In addition to his publications, Broda served as an associate editor for the “Journal of Development Economics”, he also was a faculty fellow of the “National Bureau of Economic Research”, he acted as co-editor of the IMF Economic Review and was an active member of the “Latin American Association Economia”. Among his other successes are Broda’s awards. Broda was a James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar, awarded multiple grants and served as a member of numerous prestigious economic organizations and journals. Broda’s plethora of experience, research and awards in the field of economics speak volumes about his capabilities. All of Broda’s academic success in addition to his ability to apply his knowledge of economics to the real world illustrate that he is an exemplary economist and financial professional.

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