Desiree Perez’s Exceptional Input At Roc Nation

Desiree Perez has been a business associate of the rap mogul Jay Z for nearly two decades. Perez has a remarkably long track record in steering the success of SC Enterprise. Her competencies include her talent at crunching numbers as well as her fierce and tough negotiation skills. Perez’s accomplishments include the successful negotiation of Rihanna’s Samsung deal. Her greatest achievement involves her role as a member of a collective team that runs the whole operation of the Roc Nation. Perez is in charge of the management labeling and publishing operations as Roc Nation. Roc Nation celebrities also run the Tidal including Tidal’s special collective known as Hova Circle. For timeline updates of Dez, head over to  Among Roc Nation’s latest ventures include Live Nation’s $150 million 10-year contracts with the rap mogul Jay Z signed in 2008. The “360 deal” meant that either of the two parties could liquidate their shares as Roc Nation or out rightly purchase the company.  Check for additional article.

Roc Nation is the home of celebrity artists such as Rihanna, Jay-Z, Shakira and Meek Mill. Jay-Z and  Desiree Perez run Rock Nation as the collectives. Perez and Jay recently met Universal Music Group chief executive officer and chairman Sir Lucian Grainge raising the rumors of UMG proposal to purchase Roc Nation. Proceeds from Roc Nation would give Perez and Jay additional capital to recruit more artists and expand their Tidal streaming service. The move will see Tidal engage in a tough turf competition with streaming service giants such as Spotify services and Apple Music. According to unverified sources, UMG already holds distribution contract with Roc Nation as a small share of the company’s artists’ business. A bigger investment in Rock Nation will see UMG own the largest shares in Roc Nation artists.

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UMG stakeholders laud the company’s move to purchase Roc Nation as a remarkable move. The stakeholders recognize Jay-Z phenomenal entrepreneurial and artistic genius.  Nevertheless, the latest deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation throw a spanner into UMG prospects.  To read more about Dez, click on

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