Dick DeVos To Invest In The Enhancement Of Socializing

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have been generous donors, aspiring politicians, and board members for more than twenty years and have been to countless business functions and charity events. However, the one thing that most of those events have in common is alcohol. And while it nice to enjoy a drink with friends at a social gathering. How much more impressive is it to have your own label being poured at events? Walter Catton III opened the Coppercraft Distillery in 2013. His 9,000 square foot distillery has a 50 seat tasting room and he has been looking for an investment partner, so that he can expand. He may have just found what he was looking for in Dick and Betsy.

When people drink alcohol responsibly, it can add a sense of merriment to the atmosphere of and event. And, in the fund raising world, it also lessens one’s inhibitions when it comes to giving or spending money. Buying into a distillery is a sound business investment for people who socialize in high society as the DeVos’ often do. Their own charitable giving has reaped many benefits from their prior business ventures. Learn more about the DeVos charity efforts by visiting their family foundation’s website here: http://www.dbdvfoundation.org

Betsy and Dick are the largest donors at Grand Valley State University which is located in Allendale, Michigan. Even the public school districts in Michigan have been benefactors of the DeVos family’s giving, despite the fact that their own children did not attend public schools. Dick did not want the children who attended school in lower income districts to feel like society did not care about them. He said that every child matters and that children should not have to pay in order to participate in extra-curricular activities in their schools. He founded an aviation charter school to support this claim and to instill his own passion for flight in young students of Michigan.

Equally important to the DeVos family is the role that arts and culture play in the enhancement of a community and society as a whole. Rick DeVos has dedicated his life to being a man who lives with passion, conviction, dedication and determination. Always looking to enhance and build up those places at home in Michigan and around the world that need a hand of encouragement and a heart of compassion to accomplish the tasks at hand. They also donate and support the causes of others in their West Michigan community of friends and neighbors. They socialize to be social and give to be charitable, enjoying each interaction with the sincerity of humility. There is an art to socializing.

Learn more about the life and work of Dick via his Facebook or by connecting with him on LinkedIn. You can also read a full history of his work experience by visiting the following link: http://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/richard-dick-devos-jr/

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