Eminem is at it Again

Eminem appears to be in the hospital in the operating room stated The Crimson. Do you think maybe his belly hurts? Perhaps he just needs a naked nurse. Or maybe something Phenomenal is about to happen! As he looks around and rises up it begins in the city. An action scene where he fearlessly jumps around leads into bikes, sports cars and helicopters. It’s available on Apple music. After that teaser you will want to watch the YouTube clip here over and over. You can watch it here the teaser is about 30 seconds long. Who knows with moves like this, which look quite impressive on film, Eminem has the chance to become an action hero. You be the judge. Watch Eminem’s Phenomenal here free great review and a closer look clip by clip of the video preview that was released on June 30th. Next thing you know him and Dre will be in an action hero movie. Perhaps a Wash part 2 where the are reunited after Em makes parole? If you have never seen the movie The Wash check out Eminem’s acting from back in the day and compare it to now. See just how far this amazing star has come and keep your fingers crossed for another movie.

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