End Citizens United Plans To Raise $35 Million After Their Successful Stab At Raising $4 Million The First Three Months Of The Year

End Citizens United sprung up in 2015, when three former fundraising strategists for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee decided to come up with a parallel political fundraising program that would run against Citizens United. Although its initial plan was to overturn the decision made by the Supreme Court with regards to Citizen United vs. Federal Election Commission case, the PAC has managed to grow into one of the leading fundraising committees for democrat candidates. Among those who have benefited from both their endorsement and financial support is the former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton and former Wisconsin Senator, Russ Feingold.

Funded almost entirely by the ordinary citizens of the US, the PAC has been quick to mention that their main plan was to counter the disastrous effects brought about by Citizens United and all it stands for. Similarly, the committee was to work towards reforming the finance system that democrat candidates have been using for their campaigns.

The PAC managed to garner widespread media coverage during their first year of operation, and when the time came for them to get into action; they managed to raise $25 million dollars for the 2016 elections, and $4 million within the first three months of this year. At this point in time they’re projecting of raising $35 million ahead of this coming midterm elections for Congress, according to the financial details they were generous enough to share with us.

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It’s estimated that an upward of 100, 000 people made their contributions to the PAC during the first four months of this year, of which 40, 000 happen to be first-time contributors, as stated by the current executive director of the PAC, Tiffany Muller. She also goes on to add that their plan for this coming election is to make sure they have elected “champions for campaign-finance reforms” to the Congress.

So far the PAC boast of receiving about $12m since the year started. According to Muller, if their donors had a certain level of trust for the system instead of feeling like it’s rigged against them, then the number could have been way higher than that. End Citizen United plan to make everyone feel like they’re making a positive change, however small their contribution really is.

The PAC anticipates spending at least $18 million on this coming congress election, by focusing on a number of key senate races including Ohio, New Hampshire or any other state where the incumbent is on the verge of pulling back from the campaign financing system. As laid out by the nonpartisan open secrets, PAC member are well aware that by replacing more Republicans with competent Democrats in some of the key seats, then they stand a better chance to overturn Citizens United.

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