Entrepreneur Josh Verne Offer His Business Tips

Josh Verne, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Flocku.com, recently offered his tips on how to conduct yourself in business and life in general. He says to be a leader instead of a boss; you earn respect through leading by example and respecting others. He says that in negotiations everyone should come out a winner. Another tip is to speak less and listen more; the less you speak the more people will listen when you do have something to say. He also says life is a balancing act so find a mix between work, family, and hobbies that fit your needs. His last tip is to figure out what you’re passionate about in life and pursue that because that’s where you’ll find the most success.

Josh Verne founded flocku.com in order to provide a way for college students to talk among themselves about issues that they care about. The discussion covers a wide breadth of subjects such as classwork, fashion, tv shows, music, sports, Greek life, and sex. The site features articles, blogs, videos, and memes.

Another business that Josh Verne had founded was workpays.me in 2012. This is an e-commerce site with tons of brand names that employed people can buy with no financing charges or fees. Instead, the customer makes the payment either directly from their bank account or through a payroll deduction from their place of employment. Josh Verne successfully sold this company at a profit to San Diego-based Global Analytics in 2014.


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