Environmental Law Insights

Legal profession entails studying, developing and applying the law. To get into this profession, one will first have to obtain a law degree or get a legal education. Practicing law involves offering advices to clients and if necessary, representing them either as a private practitioner or in a law firm. In most nations, it is mandatory for law graduates to undergo some sort of an apprenticeship, membership in a professional organization and acquire a license. Law profession is very broad and its areas of practice Include:-
I. Administrative Law
II. Banking Law
III. Insurance Law
IV. Competition Law
V. Constitutional Law
VI. Corporate & Commercial Law
VII. Medical Law and compliance
VIII. Environmental Law
IX. Municipal Law
X. Family Law

However, as a field, environmental law is an overall term for a wide range of treaties, statutes, regulations and common customary laws meant to address the effects of human activities on the natural environment. In broad terms, it is sometimes called environmental and natural resource law. As we know, environment entails the conditions or surroundings in which a person or any other living organism lives. Why is it necessary to protect the environment? It has been proven beyond doubt, that if we destroy the environment or pollute it in any way, we as its habitat could be the first casualties of its wrath. As aforementioned, a much common way of destroying environment is pollution. This is the act of introducing contaminants or pollutants into the natural environment. Pollutants can take the form of chemical substances or energies such as heat, noise or light. These pollutants may deteriorate the quality of air or ozone effectiveness, both of which could result into deaths and diseases.

To protect the environment from these devastating effects of pollution, many countries have enacted legislations to regulate various types of pollution as well as to mitigate theses effects. Environmental lawyer are there to offer custodial services to these regulations. They uphold these regulations and advocate for more policies to clean air, water, land use and global warming. These lawyers develop policies and engage in lawsuits to protect environment, compel waste filtration, and pursue compensation for victims of environmental contamination. By doing these, they prevent the government and corporations from engaging in practices that could hurt the environment or local residents. They could also represent government agencies or companies by working on environmental impact planning and sustainable growth development.

Typical cases in the environment field are; a builders use of toxic paint,an irrigation system’s harmful impacts on endangered fish species or a company’s contamination of groundwater used for drinking among others.Practicing law involves much more than emotionally charged trial proceedings of courtroom. They spend most of their time in office since most cases pertaining environment are settle before trial.

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