Fashion Gurus-Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the founders of the famous clothing, accessories, and beauty organization TechStyle Fashion Group. The establishers of the now renowned fashion company knew nothing or very little about fashion and the industry, but they had the passion and a keen interest in knowing what their target consumers needed. For Adam and his business partner Ressler they have been involved in the business for an extended period since they were teenagers. At the age of 15, Adam Goldenberg had his company an advertising network design for gaming website firm known as Gamers Alliance. In 1999 Intermix bought the organization. Adam did not complete his High School education, and he was employed by Intermix as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. He was very determined and hardworking, and he climbed the career ladder becoming the Chief Operating Officer only at the age of 20.

Don Ressler was also the owner of a fashion company which was also acquired by Intermix and that is he also joined the firm. During the time he was entering Intermix, Ressler had achieved a lot including raising capital for various online companies. Together Don and Adam served at Intermix and with their friendship as well as the experience they gained in the company they established Intelligent Beauty in 2006 which was an e-commerce company. The two partners went ahead to create other online organizations which were successful and which led them to realize that there was the need for trendy fashion which most consumers did not have access.

Adam and Don went ahead to establish Justfab. Justfab was designed to be an online membership group which delivered personalized athletic clothing as well as accessories to their members each month. Apart from distributing sports clothes, the two went ahead to create a place where they could demonstrate to their clients how to mix and match their accessories as well as clothing for the sake of building their confidence. In 2016, Justfab rebranded and changed their name to Techstyle. The renaming of the fashion group also changed the view of the firm, and it is now described as a place where “Fashion Avenue meets silicon valley.” Adam and Don are fully committed to their company, and they do not only focus on making money, but they are also entirely responsible for managing a successful corporation. Through Techstyle, Don and Goldenberg are involved in community activities including the Cinderella project which offers gowns to low-income students. Tech style is founded on technology.

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