Finding A Flat When Visiting London

As the capital of the United Kingdom and one of the biggest cultural centers of the world, London attracts a lot of visitors. Some, whether they be there for pleasure or business, will require an extended stay. If so, why go halfway with a simple hotel room? Renting an apartment (or “flat,” if you want to follow the local terminology) may be an easier and more rewarding way to enjoy your trip.

While hotel rooms may suffice for a short jaunt across the Pond, we all know that they are not the most comfortable accommodations: for one, they are pretty pricey even for a night or two, let alone if you want to stay for a month or longer. You could always try to get a cheap place, but you will still have to deal with a lack of space and a staff which may be a bit bothersome or even outright obtrusive. Also, hotels rarely have a kitchen, which means that you will probably have to eat out every night, adding even more to your overall bill (and probably a few kilos to your weight; a bit too much of both kinds of pounds!)

Renting an apartment, on the other hand, gives you multiple rooms for far less than you would have to pay for an equally spacious hotel suite. Kitchens allow you to shop and cook food for yourself, which is good for your budget and health. Furthermore, apartments offer a sort of homeliness that hotels just cannot provide; instead of a hundred identical rooms, each apartment has its own special charms, and staying in your favorite will allow you to live as an actual Londoner and be “at home” in a new and exotic location.

Not only will an apartment allow you to “live” in London: you can live in any part of the city. Companies like LondonEscape and WorldEscape have apartments in many different locations, including where hotels do not operate (or even cannot, as in some historical districts). Do you want to be in a vibrant, artsy neighborhood? The heart of downtown? Or maybe in a quiet area that’s closer to the country? This is yet another way that an apartment can help turn your temporary residence into a home away from home.

So if you’re interesting in a trip to this wonderful city, consider really living there with a rented London apartment.

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