Finding Products in the Real World

When someone sees an item they like in the real world, it shouldn’t be difficult to find it online. However, the fact of the matter is this has never been an easy way to look for items. Attempting to type in a physical description of the device without knowing the exact name or product type can prove especially difficult. With the brand new visual search feature though, it is proving helpful not only to big businesses, but to start ups as well. This is what is making the service so important and essential to companies all around the word.

As reported originally by Live Mint, the visual search feature available to both consumers and businesses everywhere is making finding what someone locates online that much easier than ever before. It creates a unique online search experience that has never ever been performed before. Up until now, in order to find something online an individual had to type in some sort of a product description. Even if they wanted to perform an image or video search, they had to type in what they were thinking. Of course, if an individual is unable to search for the product for several hours, the overall imagery of what they are looking for might prove rather difficult as it fades away with time. Visual search is a new feature that changes all of that.

So what is visual search? It is a service offered from Slyce that makes it possible to snap pictures with a smart phone. Since everyone has a camera built into their phone now, if an individual sees something on the street or anywhere else they like, they can simply snap a picture of it. With the search, all they need to do is upload the image. The visual search feature then compares the image with the growing databanks it has online. By comparing everything from shape to color, style, design and a dozen other visual points of interest, the service can point out the exact match. It is also able to offer up similar items as well, just in case someone wants variety and the chance to purchase something that might be a bit less expensive.

Slyce is a company that has been offering this kind of service for some time now. It has an agreement with Amazon and it is continuing to grow its catalog in order to offer customers more options.

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