Florida Man Steals Over $2 Million Dollars in LEGO Toys

A Florida man has been making a huge amount of money selling LEGO play sets, a career that would make any successful homejoy business person envious. The problem for Ignatius M. Pollara, he has been stealing the games from around the country and selling them for 100% profit. Ignatius stole $2 million in LEGO toys from all 50 states in a very elaborate scheme, netting him enough to live a very lavish lifestyle.

But like all dumb criminals, they never know when enough is enough, and simply continue to go to the well too many times. While 2012 was his best year ever, authorities were already aware of his theft and had begun to watch his actions more closely in the coming years. He would steal the LEGO merchandise, then sell the items in his very successful online storefront. All his items were brand new in mint condition, and he was able to fill orders if customers had specific demands.

If a customer was in need of a certain quantity, Ignatius would simply locate the store that sold the merchandise and take a business trip there. He would rent a hotel nearby the mall or shopping center, then make several trips to steal his LEGO products until he was ready to make the trip back home and sell them online. The problem however, the police were monitoring his trips and had surveillance on him leaving the hotel, entering the stores, and stealing the merchandise.

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