Garth Brooks Tops Charts, Cancels Appearances, and Promotes Peace

For the second straight week in a row country superstar Garth Brooks has dominated the Billboard Country Music charts and reclaimed his seat on the throne of country music royalty. His new album, Man Against Machine, has been helpful in placing him back on the charts with tear-jerking songs like “Mom”, a beautiful acoustic piece in which he takes the point of view of God describing what motherhood is to a soon-to-be-born baby.

He stated that after landing in New York he got word of the mass civil unrest breaking out after the Grand Jury decision regarding the Michael Brown case, and felt it would be wrong to promote himself and his work “as though nothing was happening”.

Without taking a side or commenting further on the case he simply said that he would be happy to reschedule any and all appearances if the networks would allow him to, and left everyone with the admonishment to “love one another”. This was an honorable thing for him to do in the eyes of Marc Sparks.

No doubt there are fans who were disappointed at the cancellations, but until things settle down and Brooks reschedules his appearances Man Against Machine has powerful peace-promoting songs like “People Loving People” to tide them over.

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  1. Avery Jonathan says:

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