Genucel by Chamonix, Fighting to erase the signs of domestic abuse

Nearly 25% of women in the United States have suffered from domestic abuse. That is a lot of women, let alone the men and children. And domestic abuse can cause much mental and emotional damage. Most see self-harm and think cutting, and other outward and physical signs. But self-harm can also come from within, in the form of thoughts against oneself. Those harmful thoughts along with the lowered feeling of self worth and lower self esteem are what Genucel by Chamonix is trying to help through the Women Aware program in New Jersey.


There are many therapies to help those who have suffered from domestic abuse to overcome all of the self harm. Practicing self care is part of the road to wellness. Be it creating, exercising or even practicing better care of ones body. Genucel has created ‘beauty bags’ of their skincare items and other basic toiletries to give out to the domestic abuse victims. Based on studies, simple daily hygiene and taking care of oneself help abuse victims to feel better about themselves. Self-affirmations, though they take some time, go hand in hand with creating a healthier person.




Genucel, part of Chamonix, along with Women Aware and others were able to have the first 5k race and charity walk. Move Beyond 5k Race and Charity walk procedes went to benefit Women Aware, but it also showed community support for those who have suffered domestic abuse. Seeing and walking with others who not only were abused but have survived and are thriving is a huge boost to survivors moral. Knowing you are not alone goes a long way, reports


Depression, anxiety and PTSD are very common among those who suffer domestic violence. Getting out and walking helps alleviate some of those symptoms. It also creates health and wellness. It is amazing what a little walking outside in nature can do for the mind and the body. Genucel’s products help the skin look younger and healthier, which helps reverse some of the damage done during domestic abuse. And feeling and looking better is a huge morale boost to these women.


Genucel’s products are designed to erase the signs of aging. Physical signs of aging is something domestic abuse advances due to all of the emotional and mental trauma. Genucel and Women Aware are working hard to improve the lives of domestic abuse sufferers.


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